SCREAM: Vacancy’ Recap & Review *SPOILERS*

June 14, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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“Hey Killer”! Scream returned last night. Episode three, and we got a ton of phone calls and texts from the killer, the return of a fan fav, and a gruesome murder. *WARNING* Spoiler Alert




Opening with Audry plucking the message “see how I finished it for you Audry” from the bludgeoned body of fan favorite [in case you’re new Jake died] Jake Fitzgerald, after a phone call from the killer. So it’s the day after and Audry’s in bed, pretty shook you and gets a call from Emma who says she’s going to meet her dad. During this Noah shows up and meets up with Audry to raid the storage locker that front desk guy from the motel [from last episode] tipped off could be a possible lead to Piper’s accomplice. So Audry is now trying weakly mind you for Noah to not find Jake dead and risk the killer finding out and revealing her secret but all else fails. After all the hype that Jake was going to be found in this episode, it didn’t happen [and SCREAM being self aware of course noticed and covered that with Noah’s “all this hype and nothing” line]. Instead of finding a body though Noah discovers a video camera with possible damning evidence for Audry whom only the night before was plucking notes from Jakes dead body.




During all of this Emma meets up with her dad for breakfast, and he’s like “your mom said I shouldn’t make contact with you” and he couldn’t give an answer as to why he left her [Emma] when asked by Emma. So Emma storms off, gives it to her mother, and then goes to school, where she then vented to Kieran and Eli. Eli in this episode got some major character development as well as did Zoe. Gustavo on the other hand got some but not much.




Back to the bi-curious and the virgin saga: So Noah now plays the security footage on his computer to try and uncover who stole the evidence. Meanwhile with Audry behind him cringing, she desperately grabs a heavy-af-looking book end and attempts to destroy the evidence before Noah seen it. Of course the footage was destroyed before Noah even got his hands on it and he turned around to catch Audry looking as though she was going to wack him. As Audry leaves she gets a text/gif message of her pulling the letters from Jakes body with the caption “Don’t worry partner I covered you”. Kinda reminds me of Scream 2 when Mickey tried to lie that Derek [Sidney’s boyfriend] was his partner.




Ok so jump ahead a bit we find Emma in her favorite or only coffee shop in Lakewood [cant decide] where she then meets up with Eli [where he gets his character development] and gets a note from her dad stating “he has answers” and to meet him at Crescent Palms [the motel the front desk guy worked that gave Noah the lead].




So now cut away we find front desk guy, Eddie, [im going with front desk guy] knocking on Emma’s dad’s motel room door. When he walks into the room after no answer, he finds the entire freakin’ room draped in plastic like something out of an 80’s sitcom set in Queens. So I know I keep mentioning Scream 3 and everybody is pissing and moaning that, that sequel sucked, but I got a total Scream 3 vibe during this scene and it was awesome. So as Eddie is walking farther into the room, behind him [like in Scream 3 with Ghost-face/Roman in the costume imitating Sidney’s and his mother Maureen] a body rises trapped in a sheet and out comes the killer who then attacks front desk guy with a bottle of wine and a bottle opener. It was awesomely gory!




So now during this, a new saga seemingly began to unfold. The saga of Emma’s parents Kevin and Maggie. So Maggie gets a knock on the door and as she’s getting it finds out its her ex-husband Kevin. So those two go back and forth when a interesting topic of interest came up. Kevin revealed Riley Mora was emailing him that Emma needed help. But Riley has been dead since like episode 5 or so. So that led the broken couple to the new sheriff where he then said he was starting an investigation. As those two where leaving the sheriff’s department Maggie gave it to Kevin where he then was going to grab her and potentially slap her something and she was like “Don’t you ever!”. So that saga doesn’t seem to be over. A looooot of history.




So Noah and Gustavo have a one on one where Gustavo then reveals what if trying to find Piper’s accomplice is bad a thing. Which he’s kinda right. Brooke and Zoe show up and the four make into the movies [to see blast from the past Killer Klowns From Outer Space mind you] to meet Audry so she could sneak them in. But no Audry. Instead, a certain forbidden fruit picker makes his return. Mr. Branson. So Brook hashes it out with him. Lies shes dating Gustavo where those two kiss to make it seem real. And Mr. Branson revealed HE was the one who left her flowers an episode or two ago…NOT JAKE. So Brooke in a cyclone of words texts Jake basically “We’re done” “Screw you!”. He texted back “K babe. hasta la vista”. But he’s dead. Who was texting then? The killer.




Audry this season is acting like a crazy person tying lose ends for a murder spree she claims she has nothing to do with. But come on, she has something to do with it. And if she doesn’t this entire character sub-plot was a waste of time. So Emma makes it up to her father’s motel room where the murder just happened. There’s no blood but it looks like trouble because the bathroom light went on. But it’s only Emma in the room. Or is it? During this Audry gets a phone call from the killer and then a video message of the killer with real time footage of Emma in the room [he’s the person in the bathroom] and then the remains of front desk guy painted in blood in the bathtub. So Audry bypasses the killer’s rules and calls 911 to get police down to the motel to avoid Emma getting killed. As tension rises and all fans were live-tweeting OMG! OMG! As Emma is about to open the door to reveal her possible sudden death…. a fight breaks out between a couple in another room which  leads her noisy self outside. As Emma then hears another fight she’s beckoned to a bar next door where she then leaves the motel to find her father in drunken mess beating a man. Emma stops the fight but then gets it out of her dad he was planning on walking out on her yet again, but he didn’t want her to find him, he didn’t leave that message to go to the motel and on top of all that the reason he left her and her mother was because he beat her mother and her mother wanted him out. So Emma storms off with Audry whom showed up in the knick of time to see Emma off.


But this episode didn’t end there. What’d you think this was some sort of soap opera? A text from the killer leads Audry to pull a bottle opener, the same bottle opener the killer used as a murder weapon on front desk guy from under her seat. Her hands covered in blood and panting in anxiety the screen fades. Next episode teases the return of Jake in seemingly spirit/maybe dream form.

This has to be the best/Most Scream episode of the entire season so far

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