Beta Test Arrives In Select Theaters July 22

June 23, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Imagine a world where your character in a video game unknowingly controls real person’s actions. That’s what the premise of the new film, titled Beta Test, from producer/writer/director Nicholas Gyeney.

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Starring Arrow’s Manu Bennett and Larenz Tale (House of Lies), Yuji Okumoto (Inception), and Linden Ashby (Teen Wolf), Betta Test is produced by Mirror Images LTD.

From the Press Release:

The film’s storyline revolves around Max Troy (Tate, House of Lies, Hush), a Seattle-based video game champion and game tester who is about to test the latest game sensation from global video game juggernaut, Sentinel. As Max begins procedural dissection of the game, he begins to realize this new game is not like any other. As Max completes new tasks, events in the real world begin to mirror them. Soon, Max uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy from within the walls of Sentinel, which leads him to discover that the game’s protagonist, Orson Creed (Arrow), is a real man, in the real world. If Max can somehow join forces with Creed, together they may have a chance at unraveling this conspiracy before the tasks in the game escalate and overwhelm their city. 

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Beta Test arrives in select theaters nationwide on July 22nd. Follow Beta Test on Twitter, Facebook and visit the Mirror Images website for updates and exclusives.


This high-octane thriller will be debuting in a theater in the following cities: Seattle, Bellingham, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Baton Rouge, Houston, Phoenix, Long Beach, LA, San Francisco and Washington D.C.


Information/Image Source: Beta Test PR

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