Child’s Play Dir. Tom Holland Behind New Haunting TV Series

July 26, 2016

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Written by Capt McNeely

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So this news comes from, and I’m pretty excited! Master Of Horror Tom Holland will be teaming up with his son Josh (CEO of and David Chackler (Village Of The Damned) for a new paranormal television series, Dead X Chronicles. DXC is described in the press release on the site as the “next evolution in paranormal Television” and is said to showcase the renowned Dead X boys from Dead X Radio. Speaking of the Dead X boys’ joining, the press release continues “Dead X Chronicles not only showcases their [Dead X boys] wit and unbelievable paranormal evidence, but it also allows you to see how your favorite celebrities react when they’re confronted with an actual haunted experience.”

The Dead X boy’s reason for existence on the show will be that of a tour guide for the celebrities. As they are reported to be taking celebrities on a tour to the world’s most spooky haunts. I can’t wait! If it’s by Holland it has to be great! Loved Child’s Play and Fright Night!

The press continues “Tom Holland and David Chackler are attaching Dead X Chronicles to their companies, Holland House Entertainment, and Dead Rabbit Films. Find out more about their companies and all of their projects at

Dead X Radio is an international show that takes an edgy and uncensored look at horror, sci-fi, and the paranormal. They interview celebrities within all of those genres and give a comedic & raw take on those topics. Their viewers are worldwide in over 78 countries. You can find out more details at”

Tom Holland and Chackler are both acting as executive producers  with Tom’s Josh additionally producing the series with John Kusnak and Jeff Hillyer. The series is currently in pre-production and is currently searching for the perfect network. How about MTV? Maybe even while on the network, Tom could work on MTV’s SCREAM??!

Just sayin’ I’m excited!

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