Luke Scott To Write/Direct ‘The Hunger’ Based On The Donner Party Tragedy

August 21, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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When you think of real life cannibals the first name to come to mind is Jeffrey Dahmer. The truth is, there have been many cases of cannibalism throughout the world and several of the cases took place here in the U.S. But not all cases of humans feeding on the flesh of others is born out of evil. Sometimes cannibalism is simply a method of surviving.  A new film from 20th Century Fox will bring the story of one of the most famous cases to the big screen.

Fox has acquired the rights to the purposed novel ‘The Hunger’, which is inspired by the true, tragic story of the Donner Party.  ‘The Hunger’ is based on the novel currently being written by Paper Lantern’s Alma Katsu. Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, co-founders of Paper Lantern Lit, who will also be serving as executive producers for the film, by the same name, Variety reports.

Luke Scott will both pen the script and direct ‘The Hunger’. Scott’s most recent film ‘Morgan‘ a sci-fi thriller, will open in theaters next month. Scott is the son of legendary sci-fi director/producer Ridley Scott (Alien, Alien:Covenant). Something tells me this is going to be good.

The Donner Party, led by George Donner and James F. Reed,  found themselves trapped by deep snow in the Sierra Nevada, while on their way to California, for several months in late 1846-1847 . Cut off from civilization and out of supplies, the group resorted to cannibalism to survive. Out of the 25 original group members trapped only 11 survived that winter.



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