Ode to 80’s Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street

September 6, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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In honor of Halloween approaching (everyone’s favorite holiday) and whispers of the second remake happening (Kevin Bacon, anyone?) this #Odeto80s is on that 1986 Wes Craven classic: A Nightmare on Elm Street.



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Wes Craven had already had horror movie success when he read a series of disturbing articles in the newspaper:

“It was a series of articles in the LA Times, three small articles about men from South East Asia, who were from immigrant families and had died in the middle of nightmares—and the paper never correlated them, never said, ‘Hey, we’ve had another story like this.”

Crave took this horrifying premise and paired it with his own terrifying childhood memory of a creepy man that had come to his window , and put a red and green striped sweater on it to create Freddy Krueger.



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Nightmare is arguably Craven’s greatest work, leaving the audience feel unsafe: even in their sleep. Aside from the unbelievable and groundbreaking special effects, the character of Freddy Krueger is someone audiences love to hate. Unlike most monsters Freddy talks: and he talks a lot. He gets at our heroes both physically and mentally. Unlike, say, Pinhead, who is well-spoken, Freddy talks a lot of trash, which also makes him a blast to watch.  And of course no one is more responsible for his general demeanor than Robert Englund, who was born to play the part. Also, there are fun dream kills! When horror is happening in someone’s dream, so many amazingly scary things can happen! Tongues can come out of phones, for example.

But just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s not horrifying: Craven brings us some of the arguably most terrifying images ever in a horror film. Like this Nightmare fuel:



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And don’t forget this terrifying scene that happens TEN MINUTES INTO THE MOVIE:



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Nightmare on Elm Street is a legitimate classic. I can’t think of a better way to jump-start the Halloween season than by sitting down with a pumpkin (like Sigourney Weaver) and watching this awesome #WesCraven film.

Oh, and don’t think I forgot WHAT MAKES IT EIGHTIES-TASTIC:

Baby Johnny Depp.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest


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