Darkness Anomaly Game Enters The Cryengine Competition

September 8, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Roma Perezogin, an indie game developer, has created a game titled ‘Darkness Anomaly’. Roma has entered his project into The Cryengine competition in hopes of being one of the three winning contestants to split a 1 million dollar prize. Roma has worked on ‘Darkness Anomaly’ alone for the past 2 years and is working towards getting the realistic horror game released.

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From the Press Release:

Darkness Anomaly is a thrilling and innovative open world horror game, with an unique technique of exploring and story telling that we came up with. You will experience the horror on a whole new level. With realistic environment, event-tracking, an amazing storyline in which you make the decisions and its required to pay attention to every little detail in this game. Cryengine gives us the possibility to create a realistic world, a whole town to explore and investigate in, combined with the opportunity that Crytek gives us: Virtual Reality.
I would like to tell you for now my reason i write you.
The CRYENGINE (Crytek) organizing an Indie Development Fund, 
In the first run (which btw will happen every three months)
came together over one million dollars.
What will be divided to three developers. The decision is made all with voting. The three games with the most votes at the end of the Funds. Will be funded by Crytek. To “vote” all you have to do is to sign up and to press the “LIKE PROJECT” button. There are no more than two minutes for the voter.
As always for an indie dev. its hard to finance something like this. 
So its important to understand that im not asking for donations or something like that Its just two minutes of someones time and a whole life change for me!
I work on this project alone, for almost two years now, some of the applicants for the Fund have already Successful Kickstarter campaigns such as “War of Rights”
and “Ghost Theory” and thus already has a fan base. This I did not, but nonetheless, I vacillate at the time between the second and first place.
Due sleepless nights, a lot … A LOT of coffee and a lot of work.

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Darkness Anomaly, is not a standard horror game, in my opinion. It is a game with a moving story that picks up important issues. I want to convey as an artist / developer. About the length of a compelling storyline, childhoods, violence, alcohol abuse, Bullying and the impact on the psyche of a child are the such exposure. Suicide, deep feelings and insights into the complicity of the people behind them. It is a horror game, yes, this genre gives me the opportunity to address the serious topics not many developers else dares. I want to confront the players, to show with him that nothing is black and white.

This gives me the story of Darkness Anomaly, a story about people with different ideologies that find themselves. It all started with Aaron. A little boy, already very wise for his young age, he had his own view of the world. A small rebel with his own ideology. He assumed that this world is a gift which we never appreciated enough and piece by piece, we destroyed this gift. With every war and every life that we humans take the right to take.  Like the animals that we are. In his view, which was enhanced by the years, the last piece of hope for this world, is the end of it.

“I will take the darkness as my guide. Create a world within and hide. Create an abyss no one would ever find the bottom of. And you will stop creating words into bullets and shooting them at beauty. Now, the world will catch fire because you are the scars of it. The scars i have decided to heal by being the flame, ignited on the ashes of hope. You created me. I am the result of your mirror. You can’t escape me, you can’t escape you.” – Aaron

And so the story begins. Through the years, Aaron has developed in his schooldays strong interest in the occult. Through his intelligence and the strong aura, he shuffled people around and managed to convey his ideology to this people. Years went by and from this point, the protagonist comes into play. Nick Revees. A detective who was born in the small town, crappy childhood, but he was not stupid. Managed to get every time he was on the ground, where his father leave him after he finished with Nick. One word was enough start a storm, in which Nick and his mother barely escapace from. But Nick came through, he fled to a bigger city as soon as he could and became a detective in Cleveland, not so far away from his home. This was also the reason why Nick was ordered to an incident in the town to examine.

People were, wound up dead. Impaled on their own intestines. As Nick returns to his hometown “Kingdom Valley”. Strange things, started to happen. A witness was reportedly present at the incident. After an interview with the witness Nick gets information about a sect, well from a implausible and apparently crazy witness.  He tells him about a summoning of a powerful demons. The power was allegedly stolen by this sect. Nick didn’t quite believe all that , but when the strange events increase, Nick decides to go after this. The events starting to get more strange and strange. Until something is trying to contact Nick. The demon? Indeed, yes. And from this point the third party of the game enters. The demon Vassago, a prince of hell, once a fallen angel and the left hand of Lucifer. Aeons ago, Vassago felt in Lucifer Lucifer arms, Lucifer let him forget that he was once a fallen angel. However, Vassago finds it out, that he was once an angel and since then he’s fighting with himself, to be an angel or a demon. And from that moment the battle starts between the three parties. Nick, Vassago and the sect.

The story will be told in 20-25 hours in the game.In total, 10-11 Chapter. In what Nick has to face 7 cases. So he has to handle the sect,  Vassago and face up his past. Divided in the introduction, the seven cases, and of course the final. Each case in the seven chapters represent a sin, a confrontation of man with himself, feelings and actions that have been investigated and is constantly faced with serious decisions. It is a complete and living world, a city that extensive outdoor areas, and much more! Theater, cinema, bars, all this and much more can be visited and you can chat with people.

In addition, the gameplay is not only difficult puzzles which require to interact outside of the game and carefully set action passages, but also the possibility of suspects to interrogate, the play with his hands, the badge as a detective, to weapons holster and the weapon, depending on the decision the responding of the suspects can be very different and can also require the usage of a gun. I want to point out that this is not “Call of Duty with horror” but very much to point out that the firing of a gun carries serious consequences with it, not to mention the psychological effects on a “living” person. This would achieve an emotional bond between the players on the story, characters and gameplay. I want the player to become a detective themself. And at this point, I can slide the horror in. An event-tracking system. Briefly, the more you explore, the more you get like it has been already mentioned, an Open World, which it is not the way of 100m x 100m forest and then called “Open World Horror”. But really explore freely accessible to a huge world! (16km x 16km).

So, now to me. =) It’s now been two years since I started Darkness Anomaly, initially as a hobby, now it’s my life. I’m alone, I do all of the tasks that a studio has to do. You can imagine how hard that may can be, but I wouldn’t do it if i wouldn’t love it. But to do something like this alone, is to be honest, fucking hard. The Indie Development Fund (Crytek) gives away one million dollar to the three games with the most votes. You have to register and vote shortly on the project website for Darkness Anomaly with “Like Project” button.

There are top 3 projects, about 454 votes, Ghost Theory, a horror game made with the Unity Engine, with a larger team, but they plan to switch on the Cryengine and also already have a successful Kickstarter campaign and a good fan base. Then comes War of Rights, 450 Votes also a very very successful Kickstarter campaign, a studio and a large fanbase. And then Darkness Anomaly comes with 445 votes. Almost no fanbase, no Kickstarter and only me. This is achieved through many hours of work in the last few weeks, barely sleeping and a lot of coffee.”  Perezogin told us.


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He needs your help to make that happen. No, Roma Perezogin is not asking you to donate any money. He just needs two minutes of your time and your vote. Please take a moment to go to the Cryengine website and cast your vote for ‘Darkness Anomaly’. Follow on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and to learn more about the project.

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