New Clip From The Walking Dead Season 7 Gives Us A Look At Negan’s Victim

October 8, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Concluding the huge Walking Dead panel at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, AMC took a bold step and revealed a new sneak peek clip of  the season 7 premiere, titled “Right Hand Man”. In the premiere we will finally find out who Negan beat to death. The new clip gives several major clues.


Warning! Stop reading now if you want to avoid spoilers!


First, we see Rick’s face splattered with blood, meaning that the victim was close. After Rick looks Negan in the eye and says, “I’m going to kill you.” Negan puts the bat in Rick’s face and asks, “What? I didn’t quite catch that you’re going to have to speak up.” Rick responds, “Not today. Not tomorrow. But I’m going to kill you.” That’s our Rick. At this point Negan grabs him and drags him towards the RV before the clip ends.





One of the hardest parts of the clip is that when Rick is dragged away we see what’s left of the victims brain and skull all over the ground. It makes it appear that the victim, at least one of them (there are hints that it is more than one), was sitting beside Rick. In the finale that was Maggie and Sasha. Abraham was also beside Maggie. So which one was it, Maggie or Abraham? I think it had to be Maggie judging by the blood on the right side of Rick’s face.


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Negan makes an interesting comment about having a right hand man, just after asking what weapon Rick had, which was a hatchet. Okay, for those of you who read the comics, you know Rick looses a hand. Could this be how it happens on the show? Or was Negan referring to who he killed? Did you notice that blanket on the ground? Was the victim Daryl? I guess we’ll just have to wait until October 23rd to find out.




Here is the clip. Prepare yourself. The cast and Greg Nicotero have already warned that the episode is going to be heartbreaking, so bring Kleenex.



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