SCREAM’ Premieres Tonight With A Two Hour Special – MTV Renewed For Season 3

October 18, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Fans of the hit horror franchise, SCREAM should now rejoice: SCREAM: The TV Series has been renewed for a third season by MTV! Unfortunately though for fans the third installment will only hold 6 episodes. Now this could mean one of two things, one: “this is the final farewell” to Ghostface and SCREAM or, it could mean: “Shorter season (season 1 had 10 episodes, season 2 has 12 going on 13-14) more time for kills and less time for bullshit”, either one it is, the third season is slated for 2017 to air.

Like season 2, season 3 is said to have a new set of show-runners, which means to me: MTV hated what Richard Register and Michael Gans did with the second season making it a psychological thriller rather than a slasher, which I kinda agree with. SCREAM should be a lot more gorier!

The announcement for the third season I credit solely to the vast support fans of the series gave for the renewal and the numerous petitions, most specially this one. The reason I credit the fans, is mainly because ratings weren’t so great for the second season: season 1 received an average audience of 750,000 while season 2 only received an audience of 377,000. Will season 3 be the season that breaks the records? I hope!

Now, acting as a bridge between seasons, tonight’s 2 hour [Halloween] special is set 8 months after Keiran’s unmasking as the season 2 and season 1 Ghostface. With Keiran in jail, Emma and Brooke looking for colleges and Gustavo and Noah published authors, the remaining Lakewood 6 set off for Shallow Grove Island where the body count rises!


Watch SCREAM tonight at 9/10c and be sure to use the hashtag #MTVScreamSpecial


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