First Images And Teaser Trailer For Monolith

November 15, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The first teaser trailer for Ivan Silverstrini’s Italian-English-language film ‘Monolith’ has  arrived along with the first set of images.




Starring Katrina Bowden, Brandon W. Jones and Andrea Ellsworth, ‘Monolith’ centers on a mother and son traveling to Los Angeles for a surprise visit with her mother-in-law, in a brand new car, a Monolith. Halfway to their destination the two are stranded in the middle of nowhere the two are stranded when her new car’s impregnable vault mode is set off while she’s stopped, with her young son inside. Panic and terror sets in as she tries to find away to get to him with the desert sun beating down on them both and temperatures rising .




Jay Hayden, Justine Wachberger, Katherine Lang, Damon Dayoub, David H. Stevens, Demetrius Daniels, Nixon Hodges and Krew Hodges co-star.




The release date for ‘Monolith’ has not been announced, but IMDb does have it listed as 2016.


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