Jason Mewes Making His Directorial Debut And Starring As A Serial Killer In ‘The Madness In The Method’

December 29, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Jason Mewes, one half of the duo of Jay and Silent Bob, will soon be making his feature directorial debut with the thriller ‘The Madness in the Method’, in which he also plays the role of a serial killer.

Mewes will co-star alongside Danny Trejo (Machete), Vinnie Jones (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Mickey Gooch Jr. (Deported), Matt Willis (East Enders), Judd Nelson (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives), Dean Cain (Vendetta), and Mewe’s long time partner in crime Kevin Smith. Legend Stan Lee will be making a cameo.



The film is set in an alternate universe where Kevin Smith gives me some advice to try taking on ‘method’ acting in order to help me to be taken seriously as an actor with real range in Hollywood,” Mewes told THR. “Problem is that the process slowly begins to send me mad as I take to method acting a little too well!


Something tells me with Mewes being a method actor and already a bit intense, he could be headed to a very dark place to get into the mindset of playing a serial killer.


I was working on a film in the U.K., and the producer of the film, Dominic Burns, and I hung out a lot,” Mewes continues. “He asked me if there was any role that I wanted to take on that I’d never done before, something that would really excite and challenge me, and I told him I’d love to play a serial killer. Dominic said he’d write something and pitch it to me, and sure enough, a few months later he sent over a script. I liked it, but I also had a lot of ideas and thoughts, so we began developing the script together along with another writer, Chris, and the idea built and built from there.


It seems both Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will be starring in more serious roles than they did in their days of playing Jay and Silent Bob.



Mewes and Smith as Jay and Silent Bob


Kevin does speak; in fact, he really has delivered a breathtaking performance. There was one scene in particular between Kevin and I that really goes into our past, and it all gets very deep. It was genuinely emotional, and we even had crew members in tears. I wasn’t sure what directing Kevin would be like because of course it’s been the other way around for so many years. But Kevin was wonderful, extremely responsive, and as always, he brought his incredible sense of humor. He threw in some genius lines that I loved and will definitely make the movie.


Burns and Rob Weston will be producing under the banner of their company Autumnwood Media. Red Rock Entertainment’s Gary Collins will be serving as executive producer.

‘The Madness in the Method’ is set to arrive in theaters on September 1, 2017. We will keep you update on the film’s progress. Hopefully, we will see a trailer soon.


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