Season 2 Of Outcast Gets International Premiere Date

March 13, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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One of the best new series in 2016 was Fox’s supernatural series Outcast from creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), based on his comic by the same name. We got our first taste of what’s to come in season 2 back in October.
Outcast Season 2 Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes
In season 2, Kyle will continue to seek out answers about himself, why those around him are being possessed and why the residents of his small town are being taken over.
outcast sxsw 2
Philip Glenister, who plays Reverend Anderson, had this to say about the upcoming season in an interview with

The biggest arc that I can tell you is the fact that what we, the characters, and the audience perceive as being this virus – this threat that’s spreading – turns out to be much, much, much bigger and more dangerous thing than any of us thought possible. Season one was quite a slow-burner in order for the audience to get acquainted with the characters, so the bar is raised pretty high now in season two.” He continued. “The other things I would say is that Sidney, Brent Spiner’s character, is not necessarily the sum of his parts and is certainly not working alone. So he’s not just this slightly strange figure; there’s some sort of thing going on there. And the crux of it is that what we realise now is that anybody and everybody could be possessed. Which creates a state of paranoia and fear and distrust amongst the townsfolk, which have repercussions.”

Anyone could be possessed! There is that fear: nobody knows who is possessed. Which causes this emotional ripple that goes through the town. Is this confined to the city of Rome or is this bigger? This could be on a global scale, even! That’s a question as well – how big and how far does this whole thing extend? But in a funny sort of way the roles are reversed in season two. Before, in season one, Kyle was wanting to wash his hands and not have anything to do with it; it was about the Reverend trying to get him on side. This time it’s the other way around. Kyle has realised he has to take this on, he has to take the fight to the fight, and he needs the Reverend on side.

We will see the return of several key characters this season. Patrick Fugit will return as the main character, Kyle Barnes, a single father who has a unique gift, the ability to force entities from their possessed hosts. Wrenn Schmidt (Megan Holter) and Reg E. Cathey (Chief Giles) will reprise their roles along with others. Outcast has already added several new cast members for the new season. M.C. Gainey (Django Unchained) has signed on to play the role of Bob, a hermit who owns a junkyard at the edge of town. He is brooding and a bit eccentric and hides his ties to Rome’s dark past. Madelyn Deutch (Texas Rising) will co-star as Dakota, a free spirit who embraces  an unconventional form of Christianity and an understanding of what is really happening in the small town. The third to join the new season is ‘Banshee’s’ Hoon Lee. Lee will portray Dr. Kenneth Park, a surgeon at the local hospital. Dr. Park has a mysterious interest in Kyle.  C. Thomas Howell has has also joined the cast and will play a mysterious man with a dark agenda who arrives in Rome.
Season two will premiere internationally on April 3rd. We are still waiting on the domestic premiere date to be announced. In the meantime, check out the trailers for season one and season two.

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