From The Set Of ‘Stan Against Evil’ – A Glimpse At Season 2

July 1, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The second season of IFC’s fantastic horror series Stan Against Evil is currently filming in Georgia. A few days ago, we had the pleasure of spending a few hours on the set. We not only got to meet several of the incredibly talented actors, but also Dana Gould the show’s creator, who is absolutely hilarious, Robert Cohen who directed four of the eight episodes from season 2, and several members of the special effects team. We also had the honor of exploring the set and watching an episode being filmed.
When we first arrived we entered a large black tent with hoses pumping cold air into the structure. Upon entering we were instantly confronted by a a figure covered in a white sheet which was later revealed to be the Wraith from the first season.
stan against evil 18
We shuffled into our chairs and soon Dana Gould and director Robert Cohen appeared. Gould automatically cracked a joke and the room erupted in laughter. Gould mentioned several monsters we will see this season including a werepony. Yes, your read that right, a werepony. We will also delve deeper into the mythology that surrounds Stan’s town of Willard’s Mill. Gould gave us a little insight to what’s to come this season. He also told us about several of the new characters.

What we are able to do in the second season is expand the world of Willard’s Mill, to go deeper into the mythology and how we got into this situation and the lore behind Willard’s Mill.’ Gould continued. “We brought in some new characters. Dennis Boutte plays a woman named Laura Boushard, who is a descendant of a real witch from the town. We find out more about Stan’s wife and her backstory. It was a great opportunity to expand the world and bring in new characters like David Koechner from Anchorman. He plays Janet Varney’s ex husband Kenny. Steven Ogg from The Walking Dead plays a serious figure that comes into town. Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator plays a demon that’s very atypical. He’s very charming and he’s addicted to gambling. He tortures people through a series of bets. From my perspective as a horror movie fan it gives me the opportunity to meet these people [laughter]. “

After Gould and Cohen were called to the set, actor Mick Ignis and Special Effects Department Head Dave Snyder shared several stories about filming and creating the three witches that Ignis has played. The tall, lean actor spoke passionately about the show and about the fact that it takes four plus hours in the makeup chair for each character to be created.  He also spoke of several monsters that we would see this season, including a giant baby, which Gould also mentioned. Snyder went into detail about how the Wraith from season one worked and about the giant baby we would see in season 2.
stan against evil 17 b
It was a surreal experience exploring the house that Stan calls home in the show. The red two-story house, sitting on a large plot surrounded by Kudzu creeping up decades-old trees, sits on a road lined with nice homes, just the way you would picture it.  When we stepped inside the home we entered through the living room where John C. McGinley’s heavily-worn easy chair sits. Then we entered the kitchen where the giant spoon and fork hang from season one. Next was the formal living room followed by a walk up a narrow staircase where family pictures hang. After turning right at the top of the stairs we entered my favorite room of the house, the sewing room where Stan’s wife Claire (Susan Williams) kept her collection of weapons and books.  The last room we were allowed to explore was the bedroom Stan shared with Claire, both pairs of their slippers still sitting at the foot of the bed even though she has passed, like they were frozen in time. (Image Gallery Below)
stan against evil 20 b
Next we returned back to the tent. The stars and Ghould filed in and sat down at the table to talk and answer questions. We spent as much time laughing as we did learning about the series. When the main cast, John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Deborah Baker Jr., Susan Williams, and Ghould arrived, I will admit, I had a fan girl moment. Each of the cast were fantastic. Janet Varney was clever and sincere. Baker, was not only funny, but simply adorable. Her laugh is infectious. McGinley seemed to still be in character from the day’s filming. It really was like having Stan sitting across the room from me.

It was thrilling to watch as a scene was filmed in Stan’s bedroom where he encounters a man with his face painted like a skull, wearing a top hat decorated with feathers. In the scene he told Stan that he must solve a riddle to find out how he can travel back in time to save both Evie and his wife.
stan against evil 1
The new season picks up where the Season 1 finale cliffhanger left off, with Sheriff Evie Barret (Varney) stranded in the year 1692, accused of being a witch and about to be burned at the stake. Despite his best attempts to never leave his couch, the disgruntled Stan Miller (McGinley) must begrudgingly solve the mystery of Evie’s time-travelling disappearance. Throughout the season, the unlikely team will continue to battle against the unconventional demons trying to take over their town, which continue to pop up in every size, shape, and animal-form.

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