Consumed By Nightmares: An Interview With Integrity’s Dwid Hellion

July 10, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Integrity is a band that has been crafting malevolent, horror-influenced metallic hardcore for nearly thirty years. As pitch-dark as it is sonically brutal, Integrity’s music has influenced countless hardcore, punk, death/thrash/black metal, and grind/noise acts. The band’s twelfth full-length album, Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume is set to be released on Friday, July 14 on Relapse Records, and Horror Fuel was able to speak with Integrity’s frontman, Dwid Hellion, on topics ranging from the release of the new record, to his favorite fright flicks and the horror of the Bible.
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Horror Fuel: Howling… is the tenth tenth full length from Integrity. How would you compare it to previous releases?
Dwid Hellion: I would not compare any of the albums with one another. They each have their own personality and sound. Though, they are still recognizable as Integrity albums, they each offer a sound that differs from the others. With Howling… we worked on it for two years and tried to put a lot of character and thought into every aspect of the album. Hopefully, the depth shows when you listen to the album.
HF: What were your influences and inspirations for the creation of this record?
DH: My influences are vast and varied. The album was inspired by old horror films (Hammer, American International, Universal, German Expressionist-silent) and my fascination with the Occult & the Bible. In addition to that, there are personal elements that derive from my life and my mind. Artwork also played a role in the album. In the end, the album is comprised of a cauldron full of many unsavory aspects of the world.
HF: Ah, yes! That brings us to the next topic. As a horror fan, what are a few of your favorite films? Also, what other horrific media do you enjoy? Books, comics, music, etc.?
DH: Yes, all of those mediums I enjoy. Though, I am most partial to horror-themed comics and films. I have many movies that I hold dear to my heart. The first two Coffin Joe films are incredible. I love German expressionist films like Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, the Mabuse film series. I love the American International films directed by Roger Corman which often had Vincent Price in the lead role. I love the early Universal horror films, and the Hammer films. The Old Dark House is a fantastic film, as is Bride Of Frankenstein; they both have a comedic quality that breathed a new dimension into those films, which i think the Corman films also tapped into years later.
HF: Those first Coffin Joe movies were incredible, as are the rest of the classics you mentioned. Speaking earlier of the Bible, what inspiration do you pull from it?
DH: Anyone interested in horror, should know where the genre began. The Bible is the ultimate horror anthology.
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HF: Biblical horror definitely bleeds into your work, especially the new album! After Howling’s release in July 14, what’s in store for Integrity’s future?
DH: The album is released in a few days. And we have been writing new material for a couple of months, so we will gradually work towards the next album. We also have a few concerts planned for the Fall of 2017 and beyond.
HF: Are there any bands you’d like to play with when you guys are on the road later this year?
DH: We are playing Japan in October and there are a number of phenomenal bands who will be playing with. Japan is one of my favorite places to tour. Aside from Japan, we are only playing one-off shows at festivals. These festivals have not yet been announced, so therefore I am not at liberty to mention the festival nor any of the bands who will be performing.
HF: Dwid, thanks for taking the time to talk with Horror Fuel today. Anything else you’d like to add?
DH: Thanks Jon, its been great talking with you and I appreciate your interest in the new album.
Watch the not-quite-safe-for-work video to “7 Reece Mews”, the second single from Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume, below.


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