Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: Natasha Henstridge

September 13, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Hello my Little Monsters. If you’ve come here today, that means you know what today is and what I have in store for you. Yep, you guessed it. it’s time to highlight yet another of those wonderful Women of Horror.
Lately I’ve been thinking of actresses that have made a contribution to the genre, but may have only a few horror titles on their resumes. And the reason I would like to highlight these ladies is because were they to come back to the genre, it would be a very welcome return. One such actress is the lovely and talented Ms. Natasha Henstridge.
Natasha is a product of Canada, as she was born in Springdale, Newfoundland and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta. This statuesque, blonde beauty began her modeling career at the age of 14, after being chosen as the first runner-up in the Casablanca Modeling Agency’s “Look of the Year” contest. Following her modeling aspirations, Natasha was legally emancipated and made the move to Paris, France, where at the age of 15, she appeared on her first magazine cover for French Cosmopolitan. She continued to grace the covers of many international magazines, before appearing in commercials for products like Oil of Olay, Old Spice and Lady Stetson.
Seeking a new career challenge, Natasha decided to pursue a career in movies. At the age of 19 she landed her first role, the starring role of the human/alien hybrid called Sil, in the 1995 sci-fi/horror film, Species. Her sexually charged portrayal of Sil helped to somewhat redefine the contemporary concept of the “femme fatale” in cinema.
Her versatility became fairly apparent as she has been able to easily transition into other genres like comedy, drama, and action. Some notable titles she has appeared in include Maximum Risk, Dog Park, It Had To Be You, Deception, American Bully, The Bronx Bull and of course we mustn’t forget The Whole Nine Yards and The Whole Ten Yards.
She has also graced the small screen with her presence, having lent her talent to many TV movies and series. She has starred in the shows She Spies, Eli Stone, Time Jumper and The Secret Circle, and has appeared on other series which include: The Outer Limits, Shark, Drop Dead Diva, CSI: Miami, Republic of Doyle, Hawaii Five-0 and  a new incarnation of Beauty & the Beast. Natasha also starred in the television mini-series, Jason and the Argonauts and voiced the character of Ms. Ellen on an episode of South Park.
Despite the fact that she has a limited amount of horror credits with the Species franchise, an appearance on The Outer LimitsJohn Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars and the horror comedy The Black Room, I personally believe that Natasha’s ability would make her very capable of portraying either an antagonist or a protagonist in the horror genre. In either character type, nobody can deny she would be a formidable presence.
Natasha currently has two completed projects ( 7th Secret, Medinah) and one in pre-production (Widow Creek). Hopefully sometime soon there will be some news as to when we will be able to see her in the movie 7th Secret or on the sci-fi series Medinah. Of course if Natasha happens to read this and wants to tell me personally about any new projects, she has my card and I’m only an e-mail away…just sayin’.
Like many of our other wonderful Women of Horror, Natasha has taken on one of the most important rol that can be bestowed upon a woman, that of motherhood. Natasha has two sons, Tristan and Asher, from when she was in a relationship with actor Liam Waite.
Now this next bit I have to say, will be said from atop my soap box and is the result of an idiotic comment I overheard this weekend at HorrorHound weekend from two convention goers. As I was standing in line, awaiting my opportunity to meet Fairuza Balk, I overheard two jackass fan boys behind me talking about “how skinny Fairuza looked”. That’s when one of them remarked, “Well, if Natasha over there is looking to get rid of any weight, she can give it to Fairuza.” I whipped my head around to catch a glimpse of two pasty, fat fan boys cackling about what they were just talking about. My instinct was to dress them down on the spot, BUT some people are oblivious in general and my comments weren’t going to change that. But what I will say her is that Natasha, as does a very close female friend of mine, suffers from a thyroid condition known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Frankly, I don’t think Natasha looked at all overweight and sincerely believe she looks as lovely as ever, and had no problem expressing said notion when I met her, a sentiment I also shared with Fairuza when I met her.

So here’s a novel concept – how about before making snide or shitty comments about whether someone is too skinny or overweight, we consider the fact that we don’t know what they’re going through or what may cause the weight fluctuation. It’s easy to make catty comments or be mean, which is why it takes a good and decent person with the requisite will power to avoid such idiotic utterances. Anyways…that’s enough of that.
Again we have reached that point, my Little Monsters, when I tell you to go forth and seek any extra information about Natasha that you may wish to be privy to. You can always have a look-see at her official IMDb page to see what she’s working on or has coming out next. Then again, you can also give her a follow over at her official Twitter page, her official Instagram page or her official Facebook page. So as you can plainly see, you all are spoiled for choices.
Well, in closing I wish to say impart one wish to all you Little Monsters out there. So until next Wednesday, in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esq., “Be excellent to each other.”

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