Jennifer Tilly, Halloween And The Chucky Franchise

October 19, 2017

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Jennifer Tilly is an actress and voice-over artist who has appeared in numerous animations and movies of various genres and different critical reception, from less praised films to the Academy Awards nominated Bullets over Broadway. However, she is probably best known for the part she plays in “Chucky” franchise. And we can safely say, there is no Chucky without her.
With the release of the Cult of Chucky on October 3rd, the series gains its newest, seventh edition. All just in time for the jolliest time of the year (Halloween). Jennifer Tilly, who played the lead role, has been in every consecutive installment since the fourth one — Bride of Chucky, dating back to 1998. Tiffany, played by Tilly, brought something new to the table as previously Chucky was mostly represented as a murderer. Tiffany, on the other hand, while hopelessly in love with him, shows him a more human and compassionate side; although she doesn’t really hesitate to kill anyone in her way (and in the most depraved way), too. She also sometimes felt remorse afterward, which makes the dynamics of the duo all the more chaotic and unbalanced. Nevertheless, Tilly does a successful job of making it work on screen pretty well.
Many of Tilly’s followers won’t be surprised by the news that besides her artistic work she is a respectable poker player who can pride herself on some success like winning the Ladies Only Event at the 2005 World Series of Poker. And she is not afraid of using her good looks at the table either as she often does in movies. While Tilly is not giving up her poker life entirely anytime soon (she’s been dating another poker pro, Phil Laak, since 2004), she might be set up for the long run with the Chucky franchise as well. And though the possibility of another extension seems to be dependent only on the willingness of the people in charge, it is also clear that the apparent close-endings are easily changeable — when a character dies, they can be brought back to life in the next film. In addition, Tilly has a close friendship with the creator, Don Mancini, which may secure her this particular gig for the foreseeable future.
Since the new Chucky movie is coming out just in time Halloween, Tilly seems like the perfect inspiration for a scary outfit. The ladies, in particular, have some options. You can choose between costumes dress like Jennifer Tilly at the poker table, keeping in mind the mandatory chest exposure, or her Tiffany character, wearing a white wedding dress, complete with a messed-up doll in hand.
No matter how you slice it, Jennifer Tilly has become an integral part of the popular Chucky horror series. The kind that you don’t need to be a die-hard fan to enjoy. As it happens to be, we might be able to follow her performance for, perhaps, a long time, as long as there are reasons for new movies to come out.

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