Seraph Films Announces Premiere Of ‘Lankershim Boulevard’ Annual Halloween Short Horror Film Night Event

October 25, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

Seraph film has announced its annual Halloween Short Horror Film Night. This year the short film Lankershim Boulevard will be holding its premiere at the event in Los Angeles on October 25, 2017.

“Seraph Films is thrilled to announce its fifth annual Halloween Short Horror Film Night which will serve as the premiere for Seraph’s most recent short film, LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD. This film was produced from the winning script of Seraph’s recent short film screenplay competition. Directed by Gene Blalock and written by Andrew Martin, LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD tells the quirky story of a raging party’s aftermath and a deranged killer on the loose. Stars: Tyler Adams, Neville Bryant-Poppelwell, Mike Sjoerdsma, and Kristen Walker.”
Joined by other horror shorts, LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD will be shown at Seraph’s upcoming Short Horror Film Night at Club Bahia on October 25th. A red carpet pre-show cocktail mixer and dinner party begins at 8 pm, with the 21 and older show starting at 9. Tickets are $13 at the door, with a reduced cost of $10 for those wearing costumes. For more information on this event and others please visit the Seraph Films website.

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