Cloverfield 3 Release Delayed, New Date Announced

January 11, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The third film in the Cloverfield franchise, with the working title of God Particle, was originally set to arrive on February 2nd, news has now come that Paramount has delayed the release by several months.
In the film, after a physics experiment with a large hadron accelerator causes the Earth to seemingly vanish completely, the terrified crew of an orbiting American space station is left floating in the middle of now-even-more-empty space. When a European spacecraft appears on their radar, the Americans must determine whether it’s their salvation or a harbinger of doom.
David Oyelowo stars alongside John Krasinski, Daniel Brühl, Gug Mbtha-Raw, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, and Chris O’Dowd. Julis Onah (The Girl Is In Trouble) will be directing from the script penned by Oren Uziel (Freaks of Nature, Mortal Kombat, 22 Jump Street). J.J. Abrams serves as producer along with Lindsey Weber. Bob Dohrmann and Tony Harper executive produced.

The film will not be the last of the franchise. In fact, other films are already being considered by Paramount Pictures that will connect events, as well as characters, throughout the Cloverfield universe.
First set for release on February 2, 2018, the new date has been announced as April 20th.

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