Divers Find Life Size Jason Voorhees Statue In A Minnesota Lake

It just doesn’t get any better than horror fans. Time and again they prove not only to be dedicated but some of the most awesome people out there.

One fan, Curtis Lahr took his love of Friday the 13th to the next level. Lahr created an underwater scene straight out of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.



Let me refresh your memory. At the end of the film, Tommy Jarvis stops Jason Voorhees by chaining him to the bottom of Crystal Lake putting him back in the same spot where he died as a kid. The image of Jason floating there chained is one of the most iconic horror images out there.


In 2014 Lahr brought the scene to life and constructed a life-size statue and installed it at a popular diving location in Crosby, Minnesota. The statue has just now been discovered by divers and it has gone viral. Take a look.


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