Teaser For Survival Horror Game ‘Crying Is Not Enough’

March 10, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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The folks over at Story Line Team will soon be releasing a survival horror game that’s five years in the making, Crying Is Not Enough.  This upcoming indie game will have players taking on the role of Jacob whose wife mysteriously vanishes from the hospital after she recovered from a car accident. Jacob then is told by a mysterious woman where his wife is and offers her assistance where players will be sent into a horrifying reality where Jacob will learn that his story is a minor plot in a tangled web of horror, hate, fear, and intrigue which he is now forced to survive.

Storyline Team

The game will be in third-person, from the teaser and screenshots I’m getting a sense of Silent Hill, Evil Within, and Alan Wake to it, the developers did say that Crying Is Not Enough was influenced by some big name games that left their marks on the survival horror genre in gaming. Keeping true to the genre, players will have to fight enemies while exploring disturbing environments and solving puzzles to discover the truth to what’s happening.

Storyline Team

The developers also stated that players will have to use “other survival mechanisms.” When facing enemies. Keeping that in mind, some promotional art that was released shows the repeated sentence, “make noise, be safe” and looking at the title Crying Is Not Enough, I’m guessing (I may be wrong but I hope I’m right) that the game will break away from other horror games where making noise can be a bad thing that in this game, noise is your friend. If this is the case, then this will set the game far apart from what players have seen so far! Keep an eye out for the game that’s set to be released sometime in the first quarter on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Storyline Team


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