Milla Jovovich Set To Star In ‘Monster Hunter’ Adaptation

May 12, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich is teaming back up with director Paul W.S. Anderson (her husband) and producer Jeremy Bolt for Constantin Film’s Monster Hunter, Variety reports.

Set to begin production this September with a $60 million budget in South Africa, the film is an adaptation of the video game franchise that first debuted back in 2008. The game tasks players with hunting down monsters. Anderson revealed that in the film, for every monster, there is a hero.”
“An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.”

There are no real central characters so it’s a bit like when we first approached Resident Evil and imposed our own characters and story on that world,” Anderson stated. “I think this is a perfect IP for us to do exactly that same thing again. The Monster Hunter world includes these huge deserts that make the Gobi Desert look like a sandbox, and they have ships that sail through the sand. These full-on galleons, but rather than sailing on the ocean waves, they sail through waves of sand…You’re fighting these giant creatures, some as big as a city block. They live underneath the Earth and when they burst out, it’s like the best of Dune. You also have these flying dragons, giant spiders, the most wonderful creatures.

Take a look at the game trailer.

Constantin still has hopes of doing a Resident Evil reboot and are leaning towards doing that via a television series.

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