Japanese Twitter User Encounters A Creepy But Familiar Character

June 27, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

You may not know this but the fast food chain KFC is popular in Japan, especially the loveable grandfather-like mascot, Colonel Sanders. Japanese Twitter user @eastbighelp probably does not feel the same about the man anymore after their encounter with one of the many statues of Sanders that you may find in Japan.

@eastbighelp was biking home at night when they say a figure standing under a street light. They approached cautiously thinking it was some hooligan but soon recognized the smiling face. The statue of the Colonel has seen better days due to being left out in the elements.
On the chest of the beloved American is a sign that says, “Watch out for children!”, obviously, a message for drivers to be wary of children who live in the area, but to someone out late at night, it seems like this creepy old man is warning you about the children!
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This is not the first time Colonel Sanders has been seen negatively in Japan. The Colonel was believed to be behind an infamous sports curse that plagued the baseball team Hanshin Tigers. After their win in the 1985 Japan Championship Series (The Japanese version of the World Series), fans of the Hanshin Tigers took to the streets and in the midst of celebrating, took a statue of Colonel Sanders from in front of a KFC and threw it into the Dōtonbori River. The Hanshin Tigers suffered an 18-year losing streak since the 1985 incident before the statue was recovered in 2009 and housed in a branch of the team’s stadium with the hope of appeasing the angry spirit of the Colonel.

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The Colonel may forgive but never forgets…

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