Kevin Durand Set To Play Villain In DC’s “Swamp Thing”

The cast of James Wan’s DC series “Swamp Thing” continues to grow. Today, Kevin Durand has joined the cast that already includes Candyman’s Virginia Madsen, along with Crystal Reed, Jeryl Prescott, Jennifer Beals, Maria Sten, and Crystal Reed, with Friday the 13th‘s Derek Mears playing the title character based on the comic created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.

Durand has been cast as Jason Woodtrue, who is described as a brilliant but prickly “genius who is a biogeneticist without equal and he knows it.  Brought in to study the unique properties of a small-town Louisiana swamp, Woodrue becomes fixated on unlocking the potential contained within — leading to tragic and monstrous consequences.” Woodtrue is also known as the super-villain Floronic Man aka Floro aka the Seeder, part human, part plant. Also referred to as “Plant Master” the character made his first appearance in The Atom #1 back in 1962.




Written by Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman, the series follows Abby Arcane (Reed) as she investigates what appears to be a deadly swamp-born virus plaguing a small town in Louisiana, but soon she discovers that the swamp is filled with supernatural secrets.

Durand has played a variety of roles from Vasiliy Fet in “The Strain”, to Fred Dukes in Wolverine, to Harbard in “Vikings”. He’s a talented actor known for playing characters who are badass. We can’t wait to see his portrayal as Jason Woodtrue.

Swamp Thing“, arriving in 2019 on the DC Universe service, is produced by James Wan under his Atomic Monster banner along with Warner Bros. Television.


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