Clive Barker Gives An Update On ‘Nightbreed’ Series

January 26, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Clive Barker is as popular as ever. Not only is there a “Books of Blood” series in the works from director Josh Stolberg (Jigsaw), but there is also a “Nightbreed” series adaptation on its way.
Barker recently gave an update on “Nightbreed” during a talk with the official Clive Barker website and revealed that a writer, director, and producers are already on board.

Nightbreed is moving forward at quite a rate with a couple of very well-known directors showing a great deal of interest in it,” Barker told the site, “I am on board to provide mythologies and ideas and hopefully put the Barkerian weirdness on the material. At the moment, we’re putting the team together: we have a writer, director, producers and now that the New Year has begun we’ll all get together and start to plan the long-term narrative, not just the opening narrative which is what we’ve done so far.”
He added, “I have the sense that, if all the things that I’ve been promised come true, there is a real passion for matching the tone of both the book and the film.”

Universal Cable Production and Morgan Creek Entertainment who also produced the movie will produce the series. Barker, David Robinson, James G. Robinson, and Barbra Wall for Morgan Creek, and Seraphim Films’ Mark Miller will be executive producing.
Nightbreed” explores relations between humans and monsters. It centers on a group of underground monsters hunting for a new home after their refuge was destroyed. A reluctant hero, still adjusting to his new supernatural self and mourning his fiancée, rises to lead.

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