Movie Review: Terror In The Skies (2019)

June 6, 2019

Written by DanXIII

Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, director, producer, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

Following an absolutely gorgeous opening sequence set in 1948 where a young boy who dreams of being a pilot is confronted by a gigantic bird of prey he can scarcely believe, we begin our journey into the investigation of preternatural beings who have made their home in the skies over Illinois for decades in Terror in the Skies; the latest cryptid-focused documentary from Small Town Monsters and their resident demonic director (and writer too) Supernatural Seth Breedlove (okay…maybe he isn’t supernatural, but he sure does talk about the creepy side o’ life quite a bit. Don’t believe me? Check out my revoltin’ reviews of some of his past docs here, and here)!

First up we learn the history of this monster-laden land; including chit-chat about the Thunderbirds (called the Piasa Bird in this region) that tormented the Native Americans indigenous to ancient Illinois, and supposedly resided in a deep cave littered with human bones (a cave that some dude in the ’30’s claimed to have found, but to no one’s surprise not a soul could find again…I hear tale he also had a girlfriend that lives in Canada that no one has ever met either).

This leads to tales of giant birds being spotted in the late 1940’s in the same region. It flew around, and scared some folks; maybe ate a pig…then the mayor was called in to shit on it’s putrid parade (though what the fiddle-dee-fuck a town official could do against a massive winged force of nature is light years beyond your’s cruelly). Anyway, some half-assed explanation was give for the beastly bird and then the whole creepy kit-and-caboodle fucked off to parts unknown to lay an egg, or eat some roadkill…what ever giant monster birds do to pass the time…until they get the shit-hot idea to stage a comeback tour and try and eat a kid at at a trailer park some decades later, among engaging in other bird biz shenanigans that had the townsfolk all hot and bothered.

Finally we learn of the Chicago Mothman; a Windy City version of that flappy bastard that caused so much trouble down West Virginia way back in the sinful sixties! These tales are more recent (mainly occurring in 2017), and mention is made on how media publicity can make folks get a bit…creative with their “sightings”.

As you have read, this doc turns an eerie eye on cryptids that get less fanfare than the Bigfoots (feet?), aliens, and sea serpents of the wicked world, but the winged menaces featured here are just as interesting as their more famous brethren. Of course, Breedlove tackles this material with his normal aplomb, and it’s fascinating to hear these yarns of mysterious monsters that for most folks will be unfamiliar.

Of course all of these sinister stories are presented in the style in which the Small Town Monsters productions have utilized to great effect in the past; namely solid re-enactments, beautiful illustrations, and awesome animation that helps bring the terror tales to vivid life!

If you love cryptozoology and monsters in general, I’d strongly urge your arcane ass to slap your putrid peepers on Terror in the Skies (which you can do by ordering a copy right here)…oh, maybe put your one wonky eye on it and have the good one scan the sky…you know; just in case…



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