Cult Classics ‘Maniac’ And ‘Zombie’ Added To Messed Up Puzzles

July 19, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Cult classic horror films are not just popular because of the cheap gore effects, campy acting, and boobs, the poster art alone for many of these films are masterpieces to those with an eye for horror art. Messed Up Puzzles is a company that takes these artistic pieces and turns them into jigsaw puzzles that will make any ghoul happy!

These Not Safe For Work (NSFW) puzzles feature the art of films only without the title getting in the way. Recently added to their growing collection are the 1980 slasher Maniac and the 1979 Italian zombie flick Zombie (also goes by Zombi 2, and Zombie Flesh Eaters).







Maniac follows a serial killer in New York City who murders women and then removes their scalps and affixing them to mannequins. The film’s poster was controversial at the time and fell victim to heavy altering and censorship when shown overseas. Fans of this film will be happy to know that there is a chance that their Maniac puzzle will be signed by the film’s director William Lustig, you’ll only know once you complete the puzzle!





Zombie was directed by Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci who adapted the original screenplay for the sequel of Dawn of the Dead. The film follows the daughter of a scientist working in the Caribbean, goes to the island looking for him after his boat drifts into New York harbor with zombies on board.

Add these puzzles to your collection to play on Halloween or anytime! Stay tuned to Messed Up Puzzles for upcoming releases!

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