‘We All Fall Down’ DLC Brings ‘We Happy Few’ To A Satisfying End

November 20, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

The final DLC of Gearbox Publishing and Compulsion Games’ psychedelic trip We Happy Few has been released. The last DLC titled We all Fall Down shows how events play out within the city of Wellington Wells after the third act of the main game’s story that followed one of the three playable main characters Ollie Starkey. The DLC’s story picks up after the part of Starkey’s story where he interrogates a member of Wellington Wells’s high society, Victoria Byng, by forcing her to go through withdrawal from Joy, a literal happy pill that plays a key role in the story that causes those who take it to see the world bright a colorful and peaceful even if it’s bleak.



the first sign of Joy withdrawal, people’s eye glow red!



Players take on the role of Victoria as she comes down from her Joy induced high and starts to see the true horror of life in Wellington Wells and instantly feeling regret for her part in its creation as well as being forced to deal with her own past. This makes Victoria determine to forcefully make all citizens stop taking their Joy.





Those who have played We Happy Few will be familiar with the game’s overall mechanics and controls which are not that different in the We all Fall Down DLC. The only changes made to this playthrough are the elimination of the survival element seen in the main game, no crafting or looking for supplies. The DLC focuses on telling the ending story of Wellington Wells through heart-racing action as Victoria uses a whip to fight off enemies as well as traversing the city’s rooftops.





The only real downer (no pun intended) is as in the main game, the animation in some of the cutscenes are choppy but thankfully the audio is good so you’re not missing anything important.

Overall, if you liked the main story of We Happy Few and wished to know what became of Wellington Wells, We all Fall Down is the perfect way to end the story! The art as always played a big role in the first half of the DLC showing how much the Joy drug affects the mind of those on it. With Victoria’s role in the story and her coming down from her Joy, she helps lead more insight into the lore of the main story which helps fill the gaps. Comparing the overall story and tone to the past two DLC’s this one is definitely different in a good way making it more serious.



a taser device that helps zap electronics as well as enemies!



With the exception of the chopping animations at times, the game keeping the controls the same so returning players can just pick up where they left off, great sound (great voice acting, sound effects, and soundtrack), and fantastic story; We all Fall Down is a fun experience for a couple of hours and brings the tale of We Happy Few to a satisfying end. On my scale of five stars, it’s a 4/5.

We all Fall Down DLC is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


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