Channing Tatum And Roy Lee Adapting Comic “The Maxx”

November 24, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Back in the 90s, Image Comics’ The Maxx was adapted for an animated series by MTV, now it’s getting a new adaptation.

According to THR, Channing Tatum and Roy Lee (IT) are teaming up to produce the new version of Sam Keith’s comics.

“The original series followed the adventures of The Maxx, who appears in both the real world and an alternate reality, the Outback. In the real world, he is a homeless man living in a box but in the Outback, he is a powerful masked being who is the protector of the Jungle Queen. In the real world, the latter is a social worker named Julie Winters who frequently works to help the homeless man, unaware that the alternate reality exists and is exerting a dangerous influence on her life.”

It’s unknown at the moment if the adaptation will be a series or a feature film. At this time, there are no directors or writers attached. But we’ll keep you posted.




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