Vampire Film ‘Caleb’ Bares Its Fangs In New Teaser Trailer



The teaser trailer for writer-director Robert D’Antona‘s vampire film Caleb has arrived which promises a distressing gothic tale.

This film represents a return to the origins, to the themes dear to the director. The fascinating mythological creatures are inspired by the ancient European folkloristic legend while, for the staging, Caleb aims to convey the same feelings of anguish, eroticism, and elegance that are present in the great cult films such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola and Interview with Vampire directed by Neil Jordan.

In the first trailer, we get a taste of what the film will be, according to the words of the director, a “visionary, frightening and distressing movie, but that will make you excited at the same time” and presents “Timere”, an imaginary village geographically located in the Alps on the borders with Switzerland, recreated thanks to the two beautiful Piedmontese towns of Vogogna (VB) and Oleggio (NO).

The filming of Caleb lasted 47 days and the production, thanks to the large and solid work team of the L/D Production Company, obtained the important support of major brands such as Emotional Grand Motel, Sidermetal and DRM Store.

Annamaria Lorusso plays the role of the protagonist Rebecca, while Roberto D’Antona will return to the role of antagonist playing the fascinating and terrifying Caleb. The rest of the main cast is composed of Francesco Emulo, Alex D’Antona, Natalia Moro, Nicole Blatto, Susanna Tregnaghi, Erica Verzotti, Mirko D’Antona, Fabrizio Narciso, Sheena Hao, Mirko Giacchetti, Carola Tallarico and Giulia Mesisca, as well as very young talents such as Danilo Uncino and Alice Bonzani. Aurora Rochez to the soundtrack, Paola Laneve at the make-up and special effects, Stefano Pollastro as director of photography and Erica Verzotti to the set design. As assistant director, this time, the young and talented Daniele Ciceri.

Caleb is currently in the final post-production phase and the film will be distributed during 2020.


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