Movie Review: Corona Zombies (2020)

Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) arrives home to discover the world is in the grip of a corona virus outbreak via the nightly news. Unlike the corona based fun n’ games we are currently balls deep in as of the time of this writing, this particular stain turns it’s victims into diseased zombies that terrorize the land with their battlecry: “Corona!” Oh and this sinister sickness originated from Scambell’s soup factory and their bat soup… subtle this mother fucker is definitely not.

Meanwhile a paramilitary unit engages the corona zombies in the wild courtesy of footage lifted from Bruno Mattei’s 1980 Italian gut-muncher Hell of the Living Dead (footage from Zombies Vs. Strippers and the actual news is utilized as well).

The rest of the film is packed to the revoltin’ rafters with juvenile humor, amazingly un-politically correct nonsense, up-to-the-minute plot points (not the zombies you dumb-ass ass-dumbs…  rather it’s the quarantine, precautions we must take, and news footage displayed that I’m talkin’ about), and  sense of self awareness that make this one a side-splittingly ghoulish good time!

Now some may say this whole thing is in bad taste. Fuck yeah it is, and that’s the point; to skewer some of this uncontrollable chaos we have to endure, while taking the piss out of it with low brow humor (and remember, if you don’t like something you don’t have to watch it boils n’ ghouls), and a punk rock aesthetic.

To that end, Corona Zombies is a much needed remedy these days, and if you don’t have a mammoth stick sideways up your shit shute it’s a great deal of freaky fun (feel free to use that as a pull quote powers that be)!




Corona Zombies is available to stream exclusively on Full Moon Entertainments website!

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