Movie Review: ‘You Should Have Left’

June 20, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Out of all the movies I’ve been excited about, You Should Have Left has been at the top of the list. Now that I’ve seen it I would like to share my thoughts with you.

Kevin Bacon stars as Theo whose dark past haunts him, as does his nightmares. Filled with anger and jealousy, he tries to find some peace in the home he and his wife have rented for a getaway, but his life begins to unravel and something begins to manipulate his reality.

As always, Bacon is fantastic. While he’s known for his roles in films like Tremors, he’s so great in serious roles and has a way of really making you feel what his character is experiencing. He reunited with director David Koepp for the film, who he worked with on the brilliant 1999 horror Stir of Echoes. They two are a great combo.

Amanda Seyfried plays the role of Susanna, Theo’s much younger, beautiful, actress wife and the mother of their young daughter Ella (Avery Tiiu Essex). The way that Susanna and Theo interact from the get-go, you can tell that there is trouble in their marriage.

The giant, modern home they have rented is stunning but foreboding. It feels empty and cold. Made of concrete and dark brick, it feels as if you could get lost for days while trying to find the kitchen. It is a character itself and it almost feels alive.

If you are looking for nonstop action, blood, brutality, or a ton of jump scares, this movie isn’t for you. It is a slow-burn thriller that is as much psychodrama as it is a horror film. While you won’t be terrified, you will experience intense tension and dread.

I have to give props to the special effects team. The effects are amazing, seamless, and realistic. There are several shots that I still can’t figure out how they were made, which impresses the hell out of me. I don’t get that often.

The cinematography by Angus Hudson is simply amazing. Even though this is a horror film and there are moments that are downright grotesque, they still have an element of beauty and elegance.

As always, director David Koepp nails it, but that’s what you would expect from the director of Stir of Echoes and the writer of Jurassic Park.

The movie keeps you on your toes and engaged throughout as you try to figure out what is happening to the family and what is real and what might possibly be a delusion.

I will say this, put down your phone and really watch it. You’re going to have to pay attention to keep up. The movie has a lot going on and it deserves your full attention.

You Should Have Left is a mind-bending horror-thriller that will leave you impressed. It’s a fresh, supernatural take on both karma and hell. And it makes the statement that we all have to pay for our sins.

You Should Have Left is intense, disturbing, dark, and complex. It’s also beautiful and unique. It’s a movie that I would definitely recommend. My verdict, You Should Have Left is getting a 5 out of 5. It arrives On Demand on June 19th, from Blumhouse Productions.



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