Movie Review: Immortal (2020)

September 8, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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What would you do if you found you were immortal? That’s the premise of the horror anthology Immortal.  Featuring four segments directed by Tom Colley, Jon Dabach, Danny Isaac, and Rob Margolies, Immortal reveals twisted tales of people discovering that they can’t be killed.


In the first segment, we meet a teacher (Dylan Baker) who lives a double life, during his day job as a teacher he’s kind, supportive, and caring. But after the last bell rings, he enjoys his hobby, hunting humans. He’s met his match with his latest victim (Lindsay Mushett), one of his students, who isn’t so easy to kill. This is my favorite segment. Dylan Baker never disappoints. Aside from the horror aspect, Baker delivers a ton of dark humor and an interesting character. This tale also features the most action.


The next installment involves a man who is ready to die in a staged accident to guarantee that his wife and baby have a better life, but the story has a twist, his wife is having an affair. Karma plays a big role in this bloody tale. I will warn you, the ending features a grotesque scene, so if you’re easily triggered, I’d advise you to skip it.


The third segment is a heartbreaking one. A woman (Robin Bartlett) who has been fighting a long battle with cancer tells her story to a documentary crew. What the crew doesn’t know is that she plans to end her life that night. She slips a bag and a hose pumping some sort of gas over her head as she says goodbye to her loving husband (Tony Todd), not knowing he plans to join her in death. Things go terribly wrong and if it doesn’t leave you with a tear in your eye there’s something’s wrong with you. This segment explores psychological horror as the wife learns that she’s immortal and her husband isn’t. She wakes to find him dead, but she can’t go with him. It’s just heartbreaking. Todd and Bartlett nailed it. They put so much into their performances and the pain their characters experience.


Next up we see a man killed in a hit and run, but it turns out, he’s not dead after all. He sets out to track down the driver that left him for dead.


We get a taste of several types of horror in Immortal, psychological, emotional, and physical which keeps the stories interesting. But if you are looking for scares, you will be disappointed. There aren’t any.


There’s a ton of blood and gore which will please gorehounds. The special effects are decent but not perfect. I’m guessing that’s due to budget constraints.


Dylan Baker, Tony Todd, and Robin Bartlett’s performances carry the movie. I’ll be honest, I found many of the characters lackluster.


Immortal isn’t a bad flick. However, it is very predictable, and at least one segment will leave you questioning, “Why the hell would a character do this?” It lacks a certain “Je ne sais quoi.” I’m giving Immortal a 3 out 5. It’s now out on Digital.




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