Franchise Star Judah Lewis talks ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ In Our Interview

September 11, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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In 2017, Judah Lewis faced off against a group of satanic killer teens in The Babysitter. Now he’s back for another round of blood-drenched fun in The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen which has just been unleashed on Netflix.


I got the chance to talk with Judah about both the original and the sequel. We discussed the challenges of being a young actor in his everyday life, filming the movies, and much more. Check out our interview.


The Babysitter: Killer Queen picks up two years after the events of the first film. Lewis stars as Cole who survived the killer blood cult the first time around. Just when you think that high school couldn’t get any worse, the cult is back from the dead and they still have their sights set on Cole.


Lewis stars alongside Bella Thorne, Hana Mae Lee, and Robbie Amell in the McG directed film. Emily Alyn Lind, Jenna Ortega, Andrew Bachelor, and Leslie Bibb co-star along with Ken Marino, Chris Wylde, Carl McDowell, Juliocesar Chavez, Maximilian Acevedo, Jennifer Foster, and Helen Hong.





Horror Fuel: “I watched Killer Queen this morning. I loved it. It captures the same  je ne sais quoi as the first movie.”


Judah Lewis: “Oh, great. Thank you!”


Horror Fuel: “I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be a young actor, like with you in the first movie. What do you do about things such as school?”


Judah Lewis: “I actually graduated last year.”


Horror Fuel: “Wow. You look so young.”


Judah Lewis: “Basically, it was mostly online. I guess it’s kind of like what everyone is doing at the present time in the current state of the world, with this pandemic. Generally, what I would do is do my school online and would sometimes go in to see my teachers and go over my work. It’s definitely about balancing between working and getting a good education. So, I would be finishing takes and running back and forth to my trailer to try to get some school work done in between.”


Horror Fuel: “I wondered how that worked. You know, I have to say that there is a lot of bullying going on in both the first and second movie.”


Judah Lewis: “I think bullying in any form or at any age is awful, you know. I think that it is showcased in these movies. I think that the people around him are awful. The movie brings up how to deal with all the repercussions of it. In this film, not only is he having to deal with the regular turmoil of not being accepted and of being down upon and bullied, but he’s also having to deal with the fact that everyone thinks he’s lost his mind. It’s incredibly sad and it’s making him doubt his own self. I think that there’s this strong undercurrent in the film where Cole is having to go through all those trials of regular high school trauma, but then on top of that, he also has to deal with really doubting rather or not he’s sane. Is he just making up things or seeing things?”


Horror Fuel: “Right. I imagine he feels like he’s losing it. So, what should fans expect with Killer Queen?”


Judah Lewis: “I think that fans can expect the same tone as the first one. I think what’s so magical about the film is that it combines all these vastly different genres. You have extreme horror and gore followed by comedy, and you’re jumping because you’re so scared, but then you’re laughing. That’s followed by drama, you know? They all come together so effortlessly to create this incredibly enjoyable rollercoaster of a movie. And that’s what I think that was carried through in Killer Queen. That’s part of why I’m so excited about it. I personally think that I like the second one more if I can say that. I think it builds on everything that started. It has the same tone, it has the same characters that people loved in the first one. We kind of go down this memory avenue that McG created in the first one.”


Horror Fuel: “What was it like on set? In Killer Queen, you spend a lot of time covered in fake blood.”


Judah Lewis: “There’s definitely a lot of blood in Killer Queen. It was sometimes fun, but other times, like when we were filming on the lake, it was probably thirty or forty degrees out and there were very strong winds and we were covered in blood so it was absolutely freezing. At the same time, we were having to act like we were warm. In between takes everybody would stay huddled together in big warming jackets around these heaters. Then they would call action and everyone would have to take off their coats and pretend like their teeth weren’t chattering. It was definitely challenging. But it was also really, really fun.”


Horror Fuel: “That sounds rough. You go through a lot of action in the sequel, did you do any of your own stunts?”


Judah Lewis: “Some of them. I did the ones that were safe. I think one of the most fun things I got to do was drive with a stunt double on the windshield. That’s definitely the first and last time I will ever do that [laughter]. Another one that I did was with the boat that we drive around the lake. I was safe, but it was like the equivalent of an antique car. It was super, super cool, but it was so finicky, you know. They gave me two days of boating lessons, which was fun. Then we were filming while I’m driving this boat around with Robbie Amell literally on an inner tube attached to a rope on the back of the boat. I’m trying desperately to control this boat at like thirty miles an hour. It was absolute mayhem. My heart goes out to Robbie Amell. He had – in one scene – to actually jump into the lake. It was like 4:00 am and freezing. I don’t know how he did that. He’s a trooper.”


Horror Fuel: It sounds like it. Y’all are dedicated, I’ll give you that. It all looks really good in the movie. I would have never have known it was that cold.

I don’t want to spoil it, but I liked the ending.”


Judah Lewis: “I do as well. The ending is so fun. There are quite a few surprises for viewers in the movie that I think people are going to enjoy.”


Horror Fuel: “How old were you in the original film?”


Judah Lewis: “I was about to turn fifteen. That’s another thing that was amazing to me, Cole is a character that I relate to and in the first film everything that he goes through I was going through, besides the blood cult trying to murder him. Everything else was kind of a relatable experience where I was able to put myself in his shoes, put thoughts and ideas into his character. That’s another thing that’s fun about the second film, it’s at a time in his life where he’s the same age as me now.”


Horror Fuel: “That’s awesome that you can relate to Cole.

Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene from Killer Queen?”


Judah Lewis: “I think, probably my favorite scene was probably the dance scene, it was such a blast. We were all dressed up and we spent the entire night and blared Apache by Sugarhill Gang. We all danced around. There was a huge dancefloor with a disco ball, backup dancers, and everybody was happy. It was incredibly energetic and electric. It was so much fun to film. The entire cast was back together for the first time in years. It was incredible, you know? Just the amount of energy, everybody gave 11o% on every single take and every performance. I think that energy will come through in the film.”


Horror Fuel: “That energy really does come through. You can tell when a cast is excited to make a movie versus when they are there just to get paid. Killer Queen oozes with fun. I almost want to use the word perky to describe it, but there’s no doubt, this is a horror movie.


Judah Lewis: “I think so. It’s a rollercoaster. I hope viewers sit back and enjoy the combination of all the different genres and elements.”


Horror Fuel: “I love that there are so many twists.”


Judah Lewis: “There are a couple of them. It’s going to be a really fun, surprising, movie. My hope is that the fans of the first one are going to like it. I think it’s going to really be an amazing viewing experience.”


Horror Fuel: “It is. Oh, and the special effects are great, like in The Babysitter.”


Judah Lewis: “The special effects are great. A lot of them are practical. There’s one car crash scene where two cars collide and go over the side of a mountain. McG let me tag along and watch them film that. It was crazy! They did that for real. They rigged up both the cars with tons of cameras and different things and then the crashed into each other and went over the side of the cliff. It was absolutely insane.”


Horror Fuel: “I’ve always been a fan of practical effects.

I have to ask, do you think they will do another sequel? Maybe with Cole in college?”


Judah Lewis: “You know, I don’t know. I think there are different things I would personally love to see play out. I think that Cole’s relationship with Phoebe is so special and I personally would like to see how that unfolds and where that goes. With Cole, there’s always danger around every corner. I definitely think it would be fun to see the next chapter in his life.”


Horror Fuel: “I would love to see another sequel! So, I guess it’s safe to say you would be down to reprise your role as Cole?”


Judah Lewis: “Oh, I’d be there! Yeah!”


Horror Fuel: “What are you working on now?”


Judah Lewis: “I’m trying to find the next character that I can feel passionate about. I’m looking for material that will inspire me and that I can bring to life.”


Horror Fuel: “I can’t wait to see what you do next. You’re already such a talented and experienced actor. I think the future holds more great things for you. I love to see great actors in quality roles.”


Judah Lewis: “Thank you. It’s always the best thing. That’s part of what I love so much about working on these films and working with McG. He’s such a collaborative director. He really creates an environment where we are all bouncing ideas off of each other and improving. I think creates this type of magic in the film.


Horror Fuel: You mentioned improving, did you do any of that in Killer Queen?”


Judah Lewis: “There are little pieces in there. There are little nuggets. Part of what McG does is he’d come up and whisper something in one of the actors’ ears and then that actor would suddenly say a line that’s completely unexpected. That would take us in an entirely new direction. Everybody would start playing and bantering off of that.


To stay up to date on what Judah Lewis is working on follow him on InstagramThe Babysitter: Killer Queen premieres on Netflix on September 10th.


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