First Look: Fan Film ‘Silent Hill: Echoes”

November 2, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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This weekend, CD Media released the first look at Silent Hill: Echoes, a new fan film. The story follows James Sunderland (Michael Ciesla, “Halloween: Inferno II”) as he searches for his late wife, Maria (Kaylin Cervini, “Book of Evil”) in Silent Hill.


According to the filmmakers, Silent Hill: Echoes was made by fans, for fans. The movie promises to deliver strong horror while staying true to the franchise. Producer and Cinematographer Codey Dingfield (CD Media) came up with the concept.


Silent Hill 2 inspired me to get into horror. I remember staying up late at night, all alone with my PS2, walking around the apartment and being scared at all times! The atmosphere. The audio design. The soundtrack. The creature design… All of it is timeless and beautiful.” Dingfield states.


The score for the movie is being created by composer Peter Wicher, who has been a huge fan of Silent Hill since the first game was released in 1999.


The subsequent cancellation of Silent Hills was actually what drove me to start writing music for video games, so I began searching the internet for projects that were in their early stages that I felt had the potential to be truly frightening. That’s how I became the composer for Visage,” Peter continues, “I’ve put my 20 years of music/audio experience to work for a variety of Silent Hill inspired indie game projects such as Hollow Hills, RE77, and most recently Death of Rose.”



Co-director and producer Tim Davis (Nox Luna Films and Media), says “Our whole crew are fans of horror and sci-fi. From the beginning, it was a project we knew that touched on all of the elements we enjoy working on. Before we had even written a line of the script, we knew we had a great crew ready to shoot. Most of us had worked together on other projects, but after the script was written, we added some amazing talent who made it all come together.” He added, “I have no doubt that we created something amazing that will add to the Silent Hill mythos.”


Silent Hill: Echoes will be released on November 27th.



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