Sequel To ‘Mandao Of The Dead’, ‘Mandao Returns’ Is Streaming Now On Prime

December 23, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Mandao Returns, the sequel to writer-director Scott Dunn‘s 2018 sci-fi horror comedy Mandao of the Dead, has now landed on Amazon Prime.


“Jay Mandao is not your average hero. He’s an astral projecting time traveler who spends his days hanging with his adult nephew Jackson, crashing on his scheming cousin Andy’s couch, and riding with his cabbie friend Fer. In the days leading up to Christmas, Jay tries to make contact with his deceased father Raymond but ends up contacting the ghost of B-movie star, Aura Garcia. Aura enlists the gang to astral project back in time to prevent her death. Jay quickly finds out that the more he messes with time, the more he falls down a rabbit hole of cults, conspiracies, and death. This Christmas is gonna kick astral!”


Mandao Returns is headlined by Jenny Lorenzo (“Victor and Valentino”, “Gentefied”), Jim O’Doherty (“Third Rock from the Sun”, “Grounded for Life”), Sean Liang (“American Horror Story: 1984”), Scott Dunn, Sean McBride, Gina Gomez Dunn, and Alexandre Chen.


Funded in just eleven days on Kickstarter, the sequel is the third feature from Dunn and producer Ginna Gomez and wrapped filming just days before the pandemic hit.


Watch Mandao Returns now on Amazon Prime. More platforms will be announced soon. To celebrate its release we’ve got a new clip to share with you.


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