Movie Review: Hatching Is Impressive & Gruesome In So Many Ways

May 17, 2022

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Horror fans are always begging for something new, something we haven’t seen before, and that is exactly what you get with director Hanna Bergholm’s gruesome film Hatching.


The film opens with scenes of a happy and loving family, of course, it doesn’t take long to discover that not all as is it seems. When a bird crashes through the window the mother snaps its neck, but later that night Tinja (Siiri Solalinna hears it crying and discovers its egg, but this is not a normal egg. It grows to a huge size then a creature hatches out, viewing the girl as its mother. With every day that goes by it kills and begins to look more human.


Siiri Solalinna does a fantastic job in her role as a young girl struggling with pleasing her overbearing mother and playing a mother herself to the blood-thirsty creature. Her character has so many intense moments and for a young girl to nail every single moment is very impressive. Speaking of impressing, the gymnastics she had to perform were amazing. Let me tell you, those uneven bars are no joke.


While yes, this is a monster movie of sorts, I found myself quickly realizing that the mother, played by Sophia Heikkilä, is the real monster here. Her fake public facade hides her cruelty and her helicopter parenting, with only her popularity and appearance being her concern. Unfortunately, in the age of social media, it’s something that is all too common. Too many girls have been pressured by their mothers to be perfect, and it rarely ends up well for the daughter.


The twist at the end was a great choice made by director Bergholm and writer IIja Rautsi. It was unexpected, like much of the film is.


My verdict? Hatching is an enjoyable and surprising film with good special effects and a fresh story. If you’re a fan of gore, it’s got that too. Be sure to check out Hatching out now, from IFC  Midnight.


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