This September Terror Films Unleashes ‘The Wild Man’ (Trailer)

September 6, 2022

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

Terror Films is unleashing the Michael Pare-starring Bigfoot horror film The Wild Man this September!


In the film, “Young women have been going missing in Ochopee, FL, without a single suspect in custody. A young journalist, Sara, convinces her crew to join her investigation as she travels to Ochopee to document her discoveries, but they soon realize their presence in this town is not welcome. Determined to find her story, Sara convinces her friends to stick with her, because they’re onto something big. Upon meeting Dale, the town’s notorious conspiracy theorist, she’s convinced he knows more than he is willing to share. The crew humors Dale’s ridiculous theories, even accompanying him into the Florida swamps on his quest to show them “The Wild Man”, hoping he’ll somehow reveal his guilt. But what the crew discovers is a secret much deeper than fairy tales and legends. What they discover is much darker and more sinister than they bargained for.”


Directed by Tampa Bay native Ryan Justice (Followers), the film stars Lauren Crandall, Julian Green, and Mike Reed.


“We used our downtime to create and develop projects. The Wild Man happened to be the perfect project to make at the time. As a Florida Native, the Legend of the Skunk Ape (Florida Bigfoot) always had our interest. We wanted to do a fun movie around the legend and do something different with the bigfoot movie genre.”


The Wild Man will first premiere on digital platforms on September 30, 2022, ahead of its arrival on the Terror Films and Kings of Horror YouTube Channels.


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