‘Cursed Mansion: Confined Within Time and Space’ Coming Soon To PC

September 28, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Indie Indonesian game developer Dragon Emperors has announced the full release of their upcoming RPG classic Cursed Mansion: Confined Within Time and Space after its successful Alpha release on Steam. Today Dragon Emperors have released a tease trailer for the game’s full release which at this time no date is set except that it’s “Coming Soon.”





Cursed Mansion: Confined Within Time and Space is a classic top-down RPG-style horror game where players take on the role of Rose, a young woman who after encountering a sudden storm while out in the woods is forced to take shelter in an old mansion where her arrival wakes something evil hidden within.

The game will feature the following:

Map Details: An eerie atmosphere inspired by horror movies such as Ju-On and Insidious, as well as horror games such as Majo no le And Layers of Fear.

Gameplay Log: Tracks and saves progress in the game.

Interactable Icon: Players won’t get stuck because interactive icons help one see what can or can’t be interacted with.

Alternating Events: Every time the game resets, the events that have previously happened might or might not happen again.

Story Branching/Multiple Endings: Every interaction and decision matters.


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