Review: Ugly Christmas Sweaters From Merchoid

December 5, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

It’s that time of year again when ugly Christmas sweaters are back in style for a few weeks, and with that is the want and need to find a sweater that’s not just right for the season, but shows off your fandom. This is where the awesome folks over at Merchoid come to the rescue! A big thank you to Merchoid for making this review possible!


Merchoid was awesome enough to send me a The Nightmare Before Christmas ugly Christmas sweater, and it’s anything but ugly! First off, this is an actual sweater, while most sites right now sell ugly Christmas “sweaters” that are just designs printed on polyester and spandex material and then have the gull to charge you a lot for it, Merchoid gives you an actual woven sweater! If you’re wondering if it keeps you warm, YES it does. How do I know? Remember that snowstorm that hit Buffalo back in November? Guess who was wearing an ugly sweater while drinking his morning coffee and watching the snow, This guy!





As you can see there are a lot of amazing details put into the design of this sweater as well as all the others they have in the Merchoid store. The front has Santa Jack with Zero, the mayor of Halloween town on one arm while Lock, Shock, and Barrel are on the other. On the back is the silhouette of Jack’s hill with the Pumpkin King with Sally. I really like the addition of some of the iconic demonic toys that Jack delivered to children appearing as a pattern on parts of the sweater as well as bats and jack-o-lanterns. It’s safe to say that this sweater can be worn both around Halloween and Christmas!

I strongly recommend that you check out Merchoid’s selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and see if you can find something as unique as you that you can wear and show off at the next Christmas party or bring some warmth as a gift for that nerd on your shopping list.


You can check out Merchoid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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