Best Crime Slots Games Online for 2022

January 1, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

Slot machines have benefitted majorly from themed games. Even though slot machine games
have always had a fairly sizeable amount of gamblers, the introduction of themed games to the
the market has been a revelation.


Many have enticed gamblers who were not too focused on slot machine games to focus their
attention on this industry sector as slot machine games have begun to base their storylines and
gameplay on famous faces, movies, and TV shows.


It is no surprise that some of these casino games are based on crime themes. Some popular TV
shows and movies are based on true or fictional crime. Whether it is titles such as Peaky
Blinders or the Godfather developers have honed in on a niche that hadn’t previously existed.
However, thanks to these slot machines, games now contain the best computer graphics that
money can buy. You can find some good examples here: This has brought a host of gamers who want to take full advantage of the games they offer.


Cops ‘N Robbers
This slot machine, created by Inspired Gaming, combines the theme of an English title based on
criminals and cops. This engaging 9-line game has plenty of ideas built into the themed design,
which makes it a clear favorite in this genre of slot machines. The music gives you the feeling
that a chase is taking place, adding to the drama and pace of the slot machine game.

The two main features of the game are the gamble round and the car chase. The latter is a
bonus that involves a bonus for three police cars that match up anywhere on the reels. Once the
roadblock appears, you have an even split odd of choosing correctly whether to go left or right
as the road becomes blocked off. Choosing correctly will land you a nice 2x multiplier for your
bonus amount.

In the gambling round, it is a more familiar feature of choosing between a red or black suit from a
classic deck of playing cards. You can continue playing up until you get an x8 multiplier.


Crime Scene
Much like Cops ‘N Robbers, Crime Scene also contains two main features which act as
multiplier bonuses. One is called sticky wilds, and the other is called the bonus game. The
bonus game is self-explanatory.


If you trigger three matching symbols, you will ignite the bonus game feature. It involves
selecting folders for evidence, and if you match any symbols other than the red cross, your
features will be multiplied.


Bust The Bank
This is another crime-themed slot game we would recommend, as it has over 243 winning lines
that you can activate while playing the game.

The really exciting feature in this one is that each symbol has its own animation, which shows
just how much craft has gone into this game from the developers?

With plenty of features and bonuses, it carries the same levels of engagement as the previous
two titles we have mentioned in this article.


The amount of crime slot games available is staggering. We have touched on games today that
focus on an animated crime theme.

However, as we mentioned in the introduction, there are hundreds of titles available that are
based completely on crime fiction or ones that are based on characters that have been
immortalized in award-winning movies and TV shows.

Whether or not this area of slot machine gaming will continue to see the success it has had
recently is still being determined. Some of these niches can experience booms and then have a
slight retraction as the market becomes saturated. It can also work the other way, and if the
games are engaging enough, people will continue to flock to this niche area of online gambling.

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