How to Capture a Picture with a Blurry Backdrop Using Your Camera

January 24, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

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There are a few methods you may use to create a hazy background. You can either employ an online photo blurrier in the post-production stage or do it manually while capturing the image. Many reasons can be given as to why people request a blurry background for their pictures or why photographers prefer to take their photographs that way.


The most important reason, however, is that a blurry background shifts attention from what is happening at the back and transfers it to the main subject in the picture. Sometimes, distracting details in the Background take away from the image’s visual impact.


So, to keep the photo looking good and ensure that your subject is the only thing that stands out, it is important to blur the unwanted background features.


Therefore, this piece focuses on getting your technique right to capture pictures with a blurry background using your camera. So keep on reading!


How to Create a Blurry Background Using Your Camera?


1. Use Appropriate Camera Equipment
The appropriate equipment is essential if you want to become a professional photographer or consider photography your passion. It will not only help you produce better-quality work, but it will also make the process ten times simpler and more enjoyable.


However, to capture photographs with a blurry background in which only your subject is the focus of attention, you need the following things with your camera:


● A Wide Aperture Lens
The aperture describes the openness or narrowness of the hole in the camera lens. A wide aperture lens lets more light get to the imaging sensor in the camera. It also produces a shallower depth of field, which means that the Background gets blurred, putting all the attention on the main subject of your Photograph. But, if you click a portrait shot of a bird using a wide aperture lens, the Background will appear blurry; hence, the focus will be solely on the subject, i.e., the bird. On the other hand, if you clicked the same shot using a narrow aperture lens, the background action would look much more prominent, distracting the viewer.


● A Lens with Longer Focal Length
The focal length is the measure of separation between the lens and the camera’s imaging sensor. You can zoom in or out of your image by changing the lens focal length. A lens with a long focal length also helps produce a narrow depth of field and compresses the features present at the back, giving the appearance of a hazier background.


2. Correctly Position Your Subject for the Photograph
If you want to take good pictures, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Being a competent photographer requires a combination of skill and technique, and while we are on the subject of technique, you must employ the right ones if you want a blurry effect in the Background of your captured photos.


● Place Your Subject Away from the Background
Putting your object of focus as far away from the Background as possible is an easy way to accentuate its features and make the background action appear hazy and unimportant. If a person stands right in front of their house and you take their picture, the picture will likely overwhelm the viewer. But if you put more distance between the subject and the building, the Background will nicely fade out, making the person stand out and giving your image a more neat and aesthetic look.


● Place Your Subject Closer to Your Camera
This is another way to emphasize your subject and take the attention away from the distracting features of the Background. Therefore, if you want to create a blurry backdrop, ensure your camera is placed close to your subject. However, mix the two methods to make the Background as hazy as possible so that your muse stands out in contrast.



To Sum It Up:

It is purely a personal choice whether to blur the background of an image or not. However, since most people prefer to do it, it is essential that you, as a photographer, learn how to give people what they want.


While investing in proper gear may be expensive, it is a one-time purchase and will last a long time, provided that you use it with care. On the other hand, if you cannot afford to buy the equipment or are not aspiring to be a professional photographer, you can utilize different techniques to help you achieve what you want.

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