Tales from Black Manor Series 2 Is Underway

December 1, 2023

Written by Joseph Perry

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We let you know about series 1 of directors Nick + Lexie’s Tales from Black Manor, and now you can check out series 2! Following is the official press announcement, including a link to watch. Enjoy!

Directors Nick + Lexie are thrilled to announce the release of Series 2 of “Tales from Black Manor.” Building on the success of the award-winning Series 1, the latest installment delves even deeper into the House of Black, unraveling the mysteries surrounding their relentless pursuit of dark magic and their unyielding loyalty to Death himself. Series 2 will consist of 3 new episodes: Alice & the Watch, Mister Winter and The Land of Death and Dreams.


Official Synopses for Featured Episodes:


  • “Alice & The Watch”: Gifted with immortality, Alice longs for an end to her boredom. When she stumbles upon Death’s pocket watch, her attempt to outwit him leads to a chilling truth: Death always has the last laugh.


  • “Mister Winter”: During World War II, German soldier Adolphus Winter becomes consumed by the legend of Black Manor. He’s heard whispers that Death resides there with his ability to grant eternal life. As his obsession drives him deeper into darkness, Adolphus abandons his morals, willingly sacrificing everyone in his way.


  • “Land of Death and Dreams”: When one of the Seven Deaths crosses paths with James, a brave young soldier fighting for his life in WWII, the two fall for one another. But when James is killed in the line of duty, she brings him to the Land of Death and Dreams.


Tales from Black Manor Series 1 & 2 was a started during the pandemic when filming was shut down and is made entirely from stock footage. The filmmakers had a lot of fun crafting these dark stories with footage anyone has access to.


To check out the “Alice & The Watch” and ‘Mister Winter” episodes, visit the website with the release of “The Land of Death and Dreams” coming in December.





Directed and Produced By: Nick + Lexie

Written By: Nick Trivundza

Alice: Holly Standbrook

The Mortician: Rob Reed

Death: James Brinkley

Adolphus Winter: Eric George Asch

Death: James Brinkley


Music By Orchestralis


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