5 Best Horror Movies of 2023 that You Can See Right Now

December 8, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

We have prepared a whole article for you, enlisting all the great horror films released in 2023. These movies are scary, thrilling, and full of suspense. While planning your perfect Halloween night, you can invite all
your besties over and watch the film, which will definitely make shivers run down your spine. To watch these movies seamlessly, you will require a speedy internet connection as offered by one of the WOW Internet Plans.

Once you are entirely ready to have a smooth entertainment experience, explore the scary movies we have mentioned below. These movies will surely give you nightmares, so watch them with your close friends or family.

1. Skinamarink

Those needing a scary, bewildering experience must definitely add this movie to their watch list. This film revolves around two little children who wake up midway through a rough night and get super scared.

They run to their parents’ room but, unfortunately, learn that their father is missing. They also notice that all the windows, doors, sofas, beds, etc., have disappeared from their house, leaving them nothing.

2. Sick

This film is a cozy mystery you can easily stream at home. Essentially set in a single location, the film manages to make shivers run down your spine. The main character of this movie is a university student, Parker Mason, who takes her bestie, Miri Woodlow, to her family’s luxurious lake house to quarantine her. They reach the beautiful abandoned lake house and begin to settle in.

However, things take a sharp turn when Parker gets a creepy text message. She ignores it and takes her friend to a little dock to get tanning. However, after some time, she receives another cryptic message that scares them both. From that single moment on, all the peace they were searching for essentially turns into a deadly fight for their survival.

3. Knock at the Cabin

While partying at a secluded cabin in the far-off woods, a little girl and her precious parents are taken hostage by four cruel armed men who essentially ask them to make an unthinkable, difficult choice in order to avert the strange apocalypse. Terrorized, frightened, and with little access to the proper outside world, the family of three must actually make a decision before they lose everything—a very interesting yet scary movie that will keep you glued to your television screen. Don’t watch this movie alone.

4. Final Cut

The main character of this movie is Alan Hakman, a video editor. He ends up editing footage from wicked, dead people and forms them into pleasing narratives. Alan has had a tough childhood, so the memories of this past keep haunting him. His difficult relationship with an evil bookstore clerk makes things even more complicated.

The movie takes an interesting turn when Fetcher, another qualified editor, offers Alan a huge amount of $500,000 for some footage of a famous technology manager. Alan refuses; however, when he tries to get rid of the footage, he ends up learning a very dark secret about himself. Final Cut is a very interesting and thrilling movie that will certainly make shivers run down your spine. The storyline is very unique.

5. Evil Dead Rise

This movie is super scary, and we recommend you to watch this movie during the daytime with your friends. Otherwise, you will get nightmares. The film revolves around two estranged sisters, Beth and Ellie.

When their paths unexpectedly cross, things become super complicated and haunted. Some evil, flesh-possessing demons put them into a proper battle for survival, and they try their best to come out of this nightmarish reality. The movie is mostly set at night, which increases the horror level of the film.

Final Words

Scary movies are super entertaining. Planning horror movie nights with your besties can actually be a fun pastime. The unexpected jump scares and the gloomy storylines keep you glued to the screen. We hope the five haunted films that we have mentioned in this article will keep you occupied on the weekends. Add them to your watch list; invite all your friends over, light up the fireplace, order some comfort food, and have the time of your life. Let us know which movie scared you the most in the comments below.

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