Shudder Original ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ Coming This March

You'll Never Find Me

January 27, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready to be on the edge of your seat with the upcoming Shudder Original film, You’ll Never Find Me. This suspenseful psychological thriller will leave you questioning everything you think you know. The film, directed by Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell and written by Bell, stars a talented cast, Jordan Cowan (Wolf Creek 2) and Brendan Rock (The Stranger).

An Unnerving Encounter

The story is set on a stormy night in a desolate caravan park. Patrick (played by Rock) is a reclusive older man who lives alone, isolated, and secretive in his trailer. During the storm, his solitude is disrupted when a young woman named Maya (played by Cowan) appears at his door, seeking aid and shelter from the raging storm.

Mutual Distrust and Mounting Tension

Patrick reluctantly lets Maya in, but the initial sense of relief soon leads to suspicion and unease. Patrick is a man with a dark past, and Maya’s motives are unclear. As the storm rages outside, the tension inside the trailer mounts and both Patrick and Maya begin to question each other’s intentions.

Who is the Real Threat?

As the night progresses, secrets are revealed, and the lines between truth and deception blur. Who is the real threat? Is it the storm outside or the person you’re sharing shelter with? You’ll Never Find Me will keep you guessing until the very end, as the psychological battle between Patrick and Maya unfolds, reaching a shocking climax.

Premiering on Shudder

Following its debut at Tribeca, the film has already received praise from critics, who have lauded its suspenseful atmosphere, its strong performances, and its clever script. But you won’t have to wait long to judge it for yourself. You’ll Never Find Me premieres on the streaming service on March 22, 2024. Watch the new trailer below.

you'll never find me

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