Supernatural Thriller ‘Queen of Bones’ Will Haunt You (Trailer)

queen of bones

February 3, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Prepare for a chilling cinematic experience.The supernatural thriller Queen of Bones has now secured  theatrical distribution ahead of its February debut at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Featuring a talented young cast, including Julia Butters (The Fabelmans), Jacob Tremblay (The Toxic Avenger, 2023), and Martin Freeman (“Fargo”), the film promises to weave a captivating tale of mystery and suspense.

The Story:

In 1931, in Oregon, siblings Lily (Butters) and Sam (Tremblay) discover a mysterious spell book hidden within their remote home. This unearthing leads them down a rabbit hole of suspicion. That casts doubt on their widowed father’s (Freeman) past and their beloved mother’s tragic death. Joined by their father’s friend, Ida May (Taylor Schilling, “Orange Is the New Black”). The siblings embark on a perilous quest to uncover the truth. They must confront the dark forces lurking in the surrounding woods.

Behind the Scenes:

Directed by Robert Budreau (“Born to be Blue”), Queen of Bones marks a reunion for him with the team at Productivity Media, which is known for films like Delia’s Gone and Stockholm. The screenplay was penned by Michael Burgner (The Darkest Corner of Paradise). Appian Way, Lumanity Productions, and Productivity Media, with Jennifer Davisson, Michael Hampton, Ryan Reaney, William G. Santor, and Doug Murray serving as producers.

Distribution & Release:

Deadline reports that following its world premiere at TIFF 2023, Queen of Bones landed US theatrical rights with Falling Forward Films. Recognizing the film’s potential for a wider audience, Falling Forward plans a theatrical release later this year.

Anticipation Builds:

With a talented cast, acclaimed director, and intriguing premise, Queen of Bones has garnered significant attention before its February festival debut, promising a hauntingly beautiful cinematic experience for genre fans.

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