Stephen King’s “Holly” Is Getting a TV Series Adaptation 

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February 12, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready for another captivating dive into the mind of Stephen King‘s enigmatic detective, Holly Gibney! A television adaptation of his latest novel, “Holly,” has been confirmed by filmmaker Jack Bender, sending chills of excitement down the spines of King fans everywhere. This thrilling addition to the vast King universe promises to unravel a new mystery while potentially weaving connections to past adaptations of the character.

During a Q&A at Chicago’s Printers Row Lit Fest (via CinemaBlend), filmmaker Jack Bender revealed an adaptation of “Hollyis on its way. King’s 2023 crime novel stars Holly Gibney, a recurring character in his stories investigating natural and supernatural mysteries.

I’ve been fortunate to know and work with Stephen King – talking about writers. His new book Holly, by the way, is great. We’re going to make a show out of that. We haven’t announced it.


The question on everyone’s mind is: how will the series handle Holly’s established history? Several intriguing possibilities arise with two separate TV portrayals and connections to “Mr. Mercedes” and “The Outsider” through King’s original literary universe.

One captivating prospect is a direct continuation of the “Mr. Mercedes” series. Justine Lupe’s captivating portrayal of Holly resonated with audiences, and her unique narrative voice in the “Holly” audiobook further strengthens the connection. Seeing her reprise the role would connect the series to established storylines and characters seamlessly.

Alternatively, fans might witness Cynthia Erivo‘s powerful portrayal of Holly’s return, potentially bridging the gap between the darker themes explored in “The Outsider” and the upcoming series. This path could inject a chilling undercurrent into the new mystery, creating a unique blend of suspenseful narratives.

A Stand Alone?

However, the series might stand alone as a “spiritual sequel” to both adaptations. This would offer a fresh entry point for new viewers unfamiliar with the previous portrayals, ensuring an accessible and captivating experience for all.

Other Upcoming Adaptations:

Regardless of the chosen path, the series holds immense potential. “Holly” joins the ranks of upcoming adaptations like “The Long Walk,” Life of Chuck, The Monkey, and more, solidifying King’s enduring influence on television and film. Existing fans can eagerly anticipate diving deeper into Holly’s complex world, while newcomers can expect an enthralling introduction to a character who has already captivated audiences across different mediums.

While details regarding casting, platform, and release date remain under wraps, the mere confirmation of the series is enough to spark excitement. So, prepare to unravel the next chapter in the enigmatic life of Holly Gibney. The hunt for truth and suspense is officially on!

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