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Amityville Horrible

Reality vs. Bullshit The only fact about any of the Amityville Horror films is that the DeFeo family was murdered in their sleep inside the house on 112 Ocean Avenue. The real horror is what the surviving relatives of the murdered Defeo’s must endure every time one of these lousy films is made. Hollywood cynicism […]

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“Man is the only animal that kills for fun,” A look into Christopher Denham’s “Preservation”

A camping trip goes awry as newlyweds Mike and Wit are suddenly joined by Mike’s brother, Sean, a former marine, in the psychological horror-thrill ride “Preservation.” They awake from their first night on the trip to find that everything has been stolen from their campsite. A weekend in the woods suddenly becomes a game of survival for […]

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Todd Douglas Miller’s documentary “Dinosaur 13”

If this past year at the box office has taught us anything, it is that dinosaurs STILL rule the earth! One could say that dinosaurs are Earth’s first REAL monsters…. “Carnosaur,” “Dinosaur Hell,” “Dinosaur Island,” “Dinosaur Lake,” “Extinction,” are just a few of the horror films that come to mind when I think of these prehistoric […]

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A Review of Zack Parker’s “Proxy”

Let me start off by saying “Proxy” is not your standard horror film, however, it is an extremely violent, disturbing thriller, that leads horror viewers into a new subgenera of horror films. I warn ALL viewers that this film is EXTREMELY violent, some of this violence is present in the first 5 minutes of the film, before the […]

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“All of the darkness looks alive.” A Review Rodney Ascher’s “The Nightmare” Documentary.

While the idea of watching a documentary about sleep paralysis doesn’t seem that thrilling, Rodney Ascher has the ability to capture each sufferers moment of horror and somehow bring it to life for the viewer in his newest film,“The Nightmare.” Now, horror documentaries have a tendency to turn into mocumentaries, often spoofing classic horror films, however, […]

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A review of Terror Films “Trace”

Terror Films presents “Trace,” a supernatural thriller that follows a group of friends experimenting with a specific type of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). After trying to make contact with a sprite at a party, the friends get a lot more than they bargained for… Soon the friends realize that they have opened a door to […]

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