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Movie Review: A Stranger Among the Living

Henry (Jake Milton) would rather spend his time in the limelight than enriching young minds. To that end, he plays hooky from work to go on an audition an inadvertently initiates Operation: Save Ass as a student goes hog wild shooting up the school. Soon, ol’ Hank makes like Haley Joel circa ’99 and seeing […]

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TOP 10 2019

Horror Fuel’s Top 10 Films And Series Of 2019

2019 saw many horror films and series released, some good, some bad. We’re here to talk about the best of the best, the top 10 must-see films and series of the year!    Top 10 Films   10.The Head Hunter (review) In a cold, medieval forest, a warrior (Christopher Rygh) stalks the land eternally hunting […]

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