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DVD Reviews: Moon of the Blood Beast (2019) and Tales for the Campfire 3 (2020)

One unexpected side effect of writing fright flicks for scads of years, and actually working in the horror biz, is that sometimes I’m called on to review something only to discover that folks are involved that I’ve worked with in one capacity or another. I always try and throw a disclaimer of some sort on […]

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shortcut 2

A ‘Shortcut’ Puts A Group Of Teens In Danger In This Creature Feature

    This December director Alessio Liguori‘s pulse-pounding creature feature  Shortcut is getting its home release just in time for Christmas.   Shortcut follows a group of classmates who find themselves trapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature invades the road. Every passing minute decreases their survival chances against the constant threats of that […]

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grizzly 2

37 Years In The Making: ‘Grizzly II’ Soon To Be Unleashed

    Grizzly II: Revenge, the sequel to William Girdler‘s 1976 movie Grizzly will be arriving next month, 37 years after it was filmed.   Directed by André Szöts and written by David Shaldon and Joan McCall, Grizzly II‘s all-star cast includes George Clooney, Laura Dern, Charlie Sheen, Louise Fletcher, John Rhys-Davies, and Steve Inwood.    In the sequel, […]

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Blu-ray Review: Lake Michigan Monster (2018)

Lake Michigan Monster concerns the adventures of Captain Seafield (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, who also co-wrote/directed the picture); a man obsessed with the monster he believes killed his father in the shallow depths of Lake Michigan… though the details of said event are rather mutable in our hero’s constantly shifting narrative. Anyhow, that slap-happy seaman […]

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bloodbeast indiegogo

Indie Horror ‘Blood Beast’ Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign

      Matt Leal and Matt Festle (Hacked), have launched their Indiegogo Campaign for the upcoming creature feature Blood Beast.   Starring Lew Temple (“The Walking Dead”), Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), and Sleepaway Camp scream queen Felissa Rose, in the film, when Gabe and his niece Piper are forced to move back to their […]

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Movie Review: The Mothman Legacy (2020)

Serving as a sequel to 2017’s Mothman doc; The Mothman of Point Pleasant (which I reviewed right here), The Mothman Legacy continues filmmaker Seth Breedlove’s deep-dive into the wicked winged world of this creepy cryptid! After a quick recap of Mothman-related events that culminated in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West […]

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