Movie Review : Zombeavers (2015)

March 14, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Mary (Rachel Melvin) and her friends  arrive at her cousin’s cabin by the lake. They’ve got a relaxing weekend planned, but their getaway is about to turn deadly. The collage kids have no idea about the beavers that have been affected by a keg of chemicals, that has fallen off a truck and has been leaking into the water by the beaver dam. The beavers are no longer the peaceful animals they once were, they’re now blood thirsty ‘Zombeavers’ with a boosted IQ. The Zombeavers are out for blood. You better not get bit, if you do, you will sprout beaver teeth, a tail and become a hybrid Zombeaver!

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‘Sushi Girl’ actress Courtney Palm’s role of Mary’s foulmouthed, uninhibited sorority sister Zoe. Lexi Atkings’ plays the sweet, heart broken, sorority sister Jenn. Hutch Dano’s character Sam, is Jenn’s cheating boyfriend. The handsome ‘It Follows’ actor Jake Weary, plays the role of Mary’s boyfriend,  Tommy. Buck, Zoe’s horndog of a boyfriend, is played by ‘The Wedding Ringer’s’ Peter Gilroy. I was a surprised to see ‘CSI : Miami’ actor Rex Linn in this movie, it’s the first I’ve seen him in a role that wasn’t quite so serious. In ‘Zombeavers’ Linn’s character Smyth, is a local hunter. ‘Zombeavers’ was directed by Jordan Rubin, known for ‘Piranaconda 2’, co-wrote the script along with Al Kaplan and Jon Kaplan.

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‘Zombeavers’ has been on my radar for a while now, and I was not disappointed. ‘Zombeavers’ has everything you want in a horror-comedy, horror, nudity, sex, gore and just the right amount of cheesiness.  The movie was action packed and I laughed more than I have during a movie in a long time.  Not only were there big zombie beavers, there were zombie hybrids, which were just fantastic. The cast played their roles perfectly. The ending was awesome and unexpected. ‘Zombeavers’ is truly a great movie! I recommend you see this zom-comedy the first chance you get!

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‘Zombeavers’ will be in theaters and on VOD March 20th!

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