Movie Review : Curse Of The Witching Tree (2015)

March 30, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A mother and her two children, movie into a beautiful old farm in the country, while the children’s father remains in the hospital in coma after an accident. A group of local bullies have singled out Jake. One day, while running from the bullies, Jake hides behind a very old tree deep in the woods, not knowing what hell it will release. He’s made the mistake of touching “the witching tree”. A very long time ago a witch was hung from the tree, just before her last breath she cast a curse on the tree. Any child who plays under it’s branches will fall prey to her curse and find their death. Jake’s mother does not believe in the tale, but his sister, Emma, is more open minded. As strange events and visions begin to happen Emma is on a mission to help her little brother before it’s to late. Now a psychic medium may be their only hope.

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‘Curse of the Witching Tree’ was written, directed and produced by James Crow. Actress Sarah Rose Denton plays the role of the skeptical mother. The role of Emma, the concerned sister, is played by Lucy Clarvis.  Lawrence Weller stars as Jake, the boy who is the focus of the supernatural activity.

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‘Curse of the Witching Tree’ explores the world of witchcraft and the paranormal in a way that is simply elegant. The movie relies on practical FX, and does so perfectly. The story is well thought out and executed. James Crow and the cast did a great job, which is surprising with the number of children in the film. Let’s face it, kids in horror movies are creepy, in ‘Curse of the Witching Tree they accomplished a creepy feel that balanced out well with the drama of the story. I recommend that you check this movie out, be sure to watch it in the dark.

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‘Curse of the Witching Tree’ will be released on May 18th in the U.K. and May 19th in he U.S.


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